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On more fun-sized advice

Belle Knox: feminist trailblazer or starry eyed idiot?
Neither. She’s just a sex worker getting a college education. It’s really not that big a deal, folks. Happens all the time.

What do you think of the Kim and Kanye Vogue cover? Please tell us.

Honestly, I resent that we all feel obligated to have an opinion.

Any words on the death of Fred Phelps?


How do I stop feeling lonely when I’m with him?

If being with him makes you feel lonely, take the fucking hint.

I’m a straight woman. My friend is straight. Why is she hitting on me?

Maybe she wants to fuck you. Maybe you’re just bad at reading signals. Maybe sexual orientation is a complex and fluid aspect of the human condition that can’t be reduced to a simplistic binary label.

I treat my boyfriend badly for no reason. Why?

Because he lets you, so you don’t respect him, so you treat him badly, and thus repeats the cycle until you both hate each other.

Why do I feel awful about the fact that she makes him happier than I can?

Because your jealousy and codependency have a longer shelf life than your relationship.

What do you think about euthanizing the more useless members of society? Like, the poor or insane?

Don’t be silly. The useless members of society are the idle rich.

I hate my life and it won’t stop.

Yes it will.

Why is it that most guys like me up until I like them and then it seems they lose interest in me?

It’s not you those guys like. It’s the chase.

What kind of guy says “I don’t have one night stands” – and then disconnects from you after you sleep together?

The kind you’re better off never hearing from again.

Do you have any say in deciding what pictures accompany your Nerve columns? (I guess not.) I love your words, but the pictures provide an unintended laugh.

No, I don’t pick the stock photos. Yes, they’re ridiculous. I’ve started collecting them. I think there’s potential for comedy gold.


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