On not getting the hint.

That’s where I’d have to disagree with you. I’m not a control freak, although I am jealous that he has those picture left in his phone. I came to you for advice, and you didn’t give me much of anything.

Yes, I did. I told you to slow your roll.

In other words, be cool and chill the fuck out. You don’t have any right to tell your boyfriend to delete pictures unless you’re in them, which means you’d be asking for a favor out of jealousy to get the exes out of his phone.

It’s not fucking worth it. Just trust me on this, okay? You gain absolutely nothing by having those pics deleted. In fact, you come off looking weak and insecure.

Sure, I could give you a detailed lesson in how to manipulate him into deleting the pics with a smile, but you aren’t paying me for this shit, and even if you were, I’d still tell you to back the fuck off for your own good.

There were girls before you. There will be girls after you.

Learn to deal with it like an adult.


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