On not poking holes in the condom.

Talk me out of purposefully getting knocked-up by my boyfriend.

You are not ready for the privilege of motherhood.

It’s as simple as that.

I’m very sorry that you’re not happy with your life, but it’s because you’ve surrounded yourself with the wrong people.

Your boyfriend, for instance — he’s the wrong guy for you. If you don’t respect him enough to be open and honest with your intentions, then you don’t belong together. Trust me on this. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in love — and you’re not, by the way — the relationship is unhealthy and you should end it.

Also, your so-called friends. Did anyone close to you support or suggest this little scheme? If so, immediately cut them out of your life. They are the worst kind of poison. Again, trust me on this.

If you’re not strong enough to start ending negative relationships, at least consider some self-reflection. What would make you disrespect yourself like this? More importantly, how could you disrespect that poor child whose very conception would be an act of fraud?

What’s inside of you that’s capable of this? Identify it and carve it out of yourself like the psychic cancer that it is, because I promise you — that slow burning emptiness you feel in the pit of your soul won’t go away when you have a baby.

You’re banking on the promise of your child’s unconditional love to heal you, but it won’t. That’s not the kind of love you need. You need the kind of love from others that you only get when you first love yourself.

I hope you can tell how serious I am here. No stupid jokes, no rants, no name calling. I’ve spoken to you like an adult in the hopes that you’ll afford yourself that same level of respect.

Be a good person. Surround yourself with good people. Love and respect yourself. Maybe then you’ll be ready for the privilege of motherhood.

Until then — please, please don’t get knocked-up.


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