On not taking shit.

In looking for an apartment in a new city, I was shown one I loved. When I tell the leasing agents I’m ready to put in my application I was told that unit is no longer available. And so begins their game of bait-and-switch. I’m then shown something similar and acceptable only to hand over my deposit & 1st month’s rent and receive the keys to an entirely different apartment. I catch them as they are about to leave the leasing office, collect the “correct” keys and find that they’re offering me still the WRONG apartment. How the hell do I bail now that they have my cashier’s check in hand?

You signed a lease, didn’t you? It explicitly states the address and apartment number of the unit that you are renting, does it not? There you go. Point to that line in the lease and in the voice of your favorite character from The Usual Suspects say, “hand me the keys, you fucking cocksucker.”

Don’t let people dick you around. Get up in their shit. Make them honor their agreement. Don’t bother threatening legal action, either. That just makes you look naive. Be a nuisance instead.

If you’d rather just be done with it, then let them know. Keys or cashiers check, you’re walking out of that office with something.

Whatever your demands are, be firm and be clear. Make noise. Start a file and document everything. Take down everyone’s full name. If someone tells you no, demand to speak to their supervisor. Keep kicking shit uphill until somebody listens. Ruin their day until they give you what you want.

Even if it’s your dumb-ass fault for signing a shady lease agreement without reviewing it first, don’t let them take advantage of you.


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