On nothing really.

So I met this cute boy in one of my classes. After talking for a few weeks he finally asked for my number. I could tell he was really nervous, but I found it sweet so I gave it to him. He is younger than me but really nice and smart, not my typical type, but he makes me nervous. Anyways, last night he called me to meet up with him. We were both out with friends and we finally met up and went back to my place. We were both quite intoxicated, and after hanging out for awhile we started fooling around. We had fun but went to sleep before anything serious happened. So I wake up this morning at 730 to find him scurrying to get all of his things, and then without warning leaves with a little good bye. I swear I’ve never seen someone book it to the door so quickly. I found it so strange cuz he doesn’t strike me as the type to toot it and boot it… but now I don’t know what to think of the situation. I have to see him in class this week and have no idea how to handle the situation. Help!

Help you with what? You’re a beautiful idiot leading a charmed life. You have no actual problems and nothing to complain about whatsoever. Shut the fuck up and enjoy your sheltered existence.

If you like, you can write me back again in a few years when the real world takes a big wet bite out of your well-cushioned ass.


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