On only you.

Fuck that. I want one man to love only me. That’s how you get appreciated properly.

Whatever, bitch. Sex isn’t the same thing as love, and getting appreciated isn’t the same thing as being respected.

It’s fine if you want to be monogamous, but my way of thinking wouldn’t scare the shit out of you if you understood the difference.

Call me ignorant all you want, but I firmly believe sex IS reserved for marriage only for a lot of reasons. It’s something I’ve decided on. Therefore, sex is at least heavily related to love.

It doesn’t scare the shit out of me, I just refuse to think like that when I know there are quite a few men out there who share how I feel.

When did I call you ignorant? Believe what you want, babe. It’s not my job to tell you how to live. I hope you find your one man and “get appreciated properly,” whatever that means to you.

Go be happy.


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