On opening it up.

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now, and I feel more for him than I have ever with anyone in a past relationship. I am bisexual, and he knows that and accepts it and even finds it sexy, so that’s all good, but a lot of the time I find myself missing tits and vaginas to a point where I even consider breaking it off with him. Five weeks ago, my friend who is also bisexual and (in my eyes) a complete babe, stayed the night at mine and we ended up in our panties making out on my bed. I didn’t go any further than that, because I felt awful, but I really wanted to.

My question is, should I tell my boyfriend about my cheating and risk our relationship, or just count what happened as a mistake and keep it to myself?

I don’t want to hurt him, and I feel like I was only satisfying a craving, which is a really bad way to look at it, but that’s what has kept me from telling him so far.

Thanks for your honesty!

Why do you insist on repressing your bisexuality in the first place? Remember, monogamy and fidelity are not the same thing, and merely acknowledging your bisexuality isn’t the same thing as celebrating it. If you have cravings that need to be satisfied, consider opening up your relationship.

Communicate with your boyfriend. When you find yourself missing tits and vagina, tell him. Let him be a part of your whole sexuality, and give him a chance to say yes to your needs. It’s your relationship, and the two of you can set your own terms.

You’d be surprised how many guys are perfectly cool with their bi girlfriends getting a little pussy every once in a while, especially if there’s a chance they might be invited to join in the fun. It’s a classic double standard that may work in your favor here.

In the end, this isn’t about whether you confess to making out with some girl (although you probably should, and I imagine you eventually will.) Instead, this is about whether you change the fundamental nature of your relationship so that you can remain faithful to your boyfriend while still fulfilling your needs.

There’s nothing wrong with having it both ways. Whoever first said “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” was a total fucking asshole, because you can, especially when the cake we’re talking about is pussy.


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