On opinions and assholes.

Don’t you find it a little idiotic that you suggested someone avoid the carefree fun of iCarly, where most episodes revolve around poking fun of the latest cultural obsessions (iphones, etc) — albeit not particularly well, but it IS done for kids. Meanwhile, your first suggestion is for the casual viewer to move on to Glee, a show ridden with idiotic dramatics, hoping to encourage everyone to get upset and bitch about EVERYTHING for no reason?

Actually, I find it idiotic how defensive you girls got when I talked shit about Hannah Montana and iCarly. Dozens of letters. Literally dozens. You’d think I raped your childhood with a crimping iron.

To all of you who wrote in, let me be clear, it’s just television.

I don’t care what you watch, nor do I care why any of you think Glee, Weeds, or Mad Men suck. Your opinions were pretty much invalidated the moment they came in defense of The Disney Channel.

You and I aren’t fighting over the remote. This is an advice column, not an FCC regulatory committee. I have absolutely no say over what’s on your screen, so chill the fuck out.

Ugh. The greatest irony of this entire experiment is that I write ridiculous shit on the internet knowing full well that my opinion doesn’t matter, not one little bit. I shouldn’t have to remind people of that.

Quit giving a fuck what others think, especially assholes like me, okay?

Please and thank you.


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