On planned parenthood.

Can you write something about the House’s vote to pull funding from Planned Parenthood? As one of the millions of people in this country who have taken advantage of Planned Parenthood’s amazing services, I am outraged. Planned Parenthood spreads awareness across the nation and provides many with life-saving health care that they couldn’t access anywhere else. I, for one, don’t want an STD epidemic…or worse, a teen pregnancy epidemic that will put Gloucester High and MTV reality shows to shame. Hopefully your fantastically sassy self has some insight here.

Insight? Yeah, vote. While you’re at it, don’t ever vote Republican. It’s pretty obvious they’re all a bunch of anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-science assholes pandering to a base of semi-retarded Nascar fans.

Better yet, openly shame your religious friends for their belief system’s intrusion into the political sphere. That malignant “the bible says” bullshit is the primary source of humanity’s willful ignorance on the topic of female reproductive health.

Yes, that’s right. This all comes back to religion. This is about abortion, people. This is about a bunch of delusional pro-lifers so blind in their faith that they can’t even properly interpret the artificial will of an imaginary lawmaker in the sky.

Here in America, only the creepy Jesus freaks think their religious doctrine supercedes a woman’s reproductive rights, and now that they can’t openly legislate their way into your uterus, they’re gonna find whatever bureaucratic back door they can to defund and dismantle the safe and legal family planning services that currently exist.

So I say again, don’t ever vote Republican, and if you really wanna do you civic duty, call up your congressman and make sure the bastard is on the right side of this. At the very least, sign this petition.


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