On plus-ones.

Dear Coquette,

What are your thoughts on getting an invite to a wedding without a plus-one when you’re single, but everyone else who is in a relationship gets to bring their boyfriend/girlfriend/partner?

If a conservative estimate of 25 invitations per wedding go out to singles, who are all given the option of adding a plus-one at an average cost of $200 per head, that’s $5,000 that the bride and groom have to pad into the budget so a bunch of wild cards can show up at their wedding.

Should they have to shell out an extra five grand so their single friends can date at their reception? Hell no. Especially when you consider that bringing a date to a wedding is like bringing sand to the beach.

Just suck it up and do what all the other singles do. Hang with your friends, or find a hottie on the other side of the aisle and get some.


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