On pointy-headed numnards

What do you think about those who are saying that the recent natural devastation in Japan is karmic revenge for the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

Well, first let’s all agree that those kind of ignorant fucks don’t have the slightest clue what the concept of karma is actually about. Let’s also not be afraid to describe them as ignorant fucks, because that’s what they are — low grade minds made more inferior with low grade beliefs.

We’re talking about the same pointy-headed numnards who think that homosexuality is to blame whenever an earthquake hits San Francisco, or that abortionists and feminists were to blame for the September 11th attacks.

It’s absurd, but this is what simpletons do in the face of catastrophe. While the rest of us try our best to process horrible events rationally, they’re off justifying their egocentric world views with superstition and schadenfreude.

Ugh. I have no patience for the willfully ignorant. Compassionless morons with uninformed opinions really are the worst among us.


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