On prescription drugs.

Ok, so I’ve done drugs before. I’m not necessarily naive. I’ve had lots of fun doing K, E, and blow for a long time now but for fear of sounding lame I feel like taking my drug habit a bit more legit. How do I go about getting Oxycontin or Dexedrin or something along those lines?

No, no, no. Just because a doctor writes you a note, it doesn’t make getting high legitimate. Don’t fucking kid yourself. Oxycontin and Dexedrin are just smack and speed with a college degree.

If you think your choices are any more appropriate because your dealer works at Walgreens, you are missing the point.

If you’re an adult who understands personal responsibility, feel free to get fucked up and accept the consequences. Trying to shift that responsibility to a pharmaceutical company is bullshit.

A drug is a drug is a drug. Pretending that an addiction is okay because your health insurance covers prescriptions is the worst kind of hypocrisy.

(Just to be clear, my reaction here is based on two words that are red flags: “habit” and “legit.” If you were just talking about experimenting with something new, my answer would have been completely different.)


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