On prop 37

Why so against Proposition 37? Is it really such stupid hippie shit to want to know what’s in your food? Monsanto, Pepsico and other huge agribusiness interests have spent millions trying to convince voters that it is. It surprised me that someone as seemingly intelligent, liberal and politically well-informed as yourself would agree with them, implicitly disagreeing with the law professor (Stanford, UC Berkeley) who wrote the bill. There’s not really any reasonable argument against letting people know what it is they’re eating.

Also, other states can go ahead and make fun of California all they damn well please, if it makes them feel just a little bit better about the fact that they’re not California. This progressive hippie shit is what makes our state great. (Then again, I guess you do live in LA, and you’re probably a transplant. Fuck the Dodgers, by the way.)

Yeah, yeah. Fuck Monsanto and fuck the Dodgers, but also fuck you and your passive-aggressive use of the word “seemingly.” I call bullshit when I see it, and Prop 37 is stupid hippie bullshit.

Show me some good science that says a particular strain of genetically modified food has more allergenic or carcinogenic properties than its unmodified counterpart, and I’ll tell you to slap a label on products that use that particular strain. Is that what Prop 37 hopes to achieve? Fuck no. It’s not really about food safety. It’s about a political agenda.

Lumping all genetically modified foods into the same pile and slapping a warning sticker on them like they’re fucking cigarettes is just a ham-fisting scare tactic. It doesn’t provide hard data to help you think. It provides a soft label to help you feel. It’s a left-wing version of how the assholes at Fox News use the word “socialist,” and it’s total bullshit.

All that being said, I don’t care whether Prop 37 passes. It’s stupid, but who gives a fuck? The only proposition that really matters is Prop 34, so whatever else you do tomorrow, vote yes to end the death penalty.


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