On red state mail

You have ruined my enjoyment of The Daily. I used to just skip your bullshit advice but tonight I read your hate filled, intolerant, prejudiced article about the Duggar family. So then I read the advice column in the same issue, why not go for broke! Your advice to the gay guy living in the south solidified my desire to cancel my subscription. The people at Chic-fil-a were not there because they are opposed to his existence! They were there to show their support for marriage being between a man and a woman. Calling them ignorant because their views may be different from others is so hateful, and intolerant. I’m sick of the double standard and intolerance coming from people that should know better.

So, you’re calling me hateful and intolerant for calling you idiots out on your hateful intolerance?

Go fuck yourself.

The writer addressing the Chick-Fil-A “thing” and you are overreacting. No one is “opposed to his or her existence” and the folks who support the owner’s stance on gay marriage are not “pathetic and ignorant”. They merely have an opinion different than your own. They don’t call you “pathetic and ignorant”. You should respect others opinions and not be so vile when their opinions are different than your own. I supported Chick-Fil-A not because of any hard stance on gay marriage (I personally believe there are much bigger things to worry about) I supported them because this is America and I believe you still have a right to express your own opinion. He made his comment while being interviewed and it was in answer to a question he was asked. He’s not radical in his opposition but he is opposed. Chill out with the name calling. It just make gays look angry and mean. Your cause will advance much quicker if you’re recognized as the normal, kind and giving people you (for the most part) really are.

Oh, I’m sorry. Was I getting too uppity? Thanks for your condescending note to chill out. You’re right, that’s definitely the best way to advance the cause.

Now please go fuck yourself.

In regards to your response to the gay southern gentleman, I was a chick filet “stand in liner” and I hope that history sees us, not in support for the chick filet ‘statement’ but in support of the ability to state any of our opinions and beliefs without fear of retribution of government or fear of groups wanting to bankrupt me.  I agree with you that your writer shouldn’t take it personally, the stand that was taken was certainly NOT because he or anyone else is gay, but solely about the freedom of speech and expression that this country was founded on.  In a country so diverse, I believe that all speech and beliefs should be respected and defended, not just the speech we happen to agree with. Thank you for allowing me to set the record straight.

You’re welcome. Too bad you’re just plain wrong. All speech should not be respected. All beliefs should not be defended. Quit confusing the First Amendment for a license that justifies having ignorant ass opinions.

Better yet, just go fuck yourself.

Your full of shit, people could receive better advice from a magic 8 Ball.

It’s “you’re full of shit,” not “your full of shit.”

Also, go fuck yourself — preferably in the ear with a pair of scissors.


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