On scars.

I have scars on my arm from when I attempted suicide a long time ago. They’re hideous, I can’t wear long sleeve shirts at all times and they can’t be covered up with a leather band or anything like that. So during the summer months they’re pretty much on display. Now, most people pretend not to notice them, or genuinely don’t notice them, but every day there’s at least one idiot that stares at my scars unabashedly for the entire time that I’m in their line of sight. My question to you is, what do I say to these people? When somebody stares at your arms while talking to you for literaly upwards of a minute, I feel that something needs to be said, but I have no idea what to say. I’ve thought about honesty, but that comes off kind of crazy intense. I’ve thought about joking it off, but I’m not really comfortable having them think that it wasn’t serious, like I was just some emo kid that did it as a fashion statement. I’ve thought about lying, but who the fuck would believe me. And that’s pretty much where I ran out of ideas.

How about a blend of honest, funny, and intense? Something like, “I’d really rather you stare at my tits, asshole.”

Also, why aren’t you using concealer? And have you looked into scar removal surgery?

Good times.


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