On self-medicating

I suffer from BED and my weight gain has been out of control lately. I have tried to lose weight the old fashioned way, but all my diets fail because I lack will power and can’t control my binges. So I’m considering using coke as an aid to suppress my need to overeat and take my mind off food. (It’s either that or black market bupropion.) Any advice on that? Do you think it would work?

You’re a binge eater who wants to trade up to a coke habit. What could possibly go wrong?

Listen, sweetie. You have deep-seated psychological problems, impulse control issues, and a lack of will power. Cocaine will fucking destroy you.

Self-medication by a person inherently incapable of self-regulation does not work. It may seem effective in the short term, but it always makes things worse. All you’re doing is switching substances. You’re not addressing the underlying addiction.

By the way, did a medical professional diagnose you with Binge Eating Disorder, or did you just look that shit up on wikipedia? And what’s all this talk about black market anti-depressants?

I have a sneaking suspicion that you’ve never actually talked to a doctor, and you’re just a fat chick with an internet connection who’s full of shit. It’s bad enough to self-medicate, but you sure as hell don’t get to self-diagnose.

Go to a doctor, preferably a psychiatrist specializing in eating disorders. Get some real help.


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