On shameless self-promotion

I love that you are doing a column for Playboy. No really, I wish everyone had mandatory Coquette classes in high school. But still, can you address this old “dying publication that hasn’t been culturally relevant in any of our lifetimes” line of yours now. I’d never want to sound like I’m accusing you of hypocrisy, but I’m curious about how you’ll explain it.

Why do you think they asked to partner up with me? They know the score, and they’re looking to change up their game.

Just watch. I think you’ll see a very interesting shift in the Playboy brand over the next couple years.

Wait… do those classy-as-fuck handbags mean you’re not gonna sell trashy jewelry anymore? I LOVED that shit.

The jewelry was a collaboration with artist Steven Shein, and it was always meant to be limited edition. Don’t worry, though. There’s gonna be all sorts of new stuff coming soon!

Will Notes To My Future Husband be in that section of Urban Outfitters with the quirky readers and resplendent knickknacks?

Not sure about Urban, but it will definitely be on the new arrivals table at Barnes and Noble in October.


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