On shutting the fuck up.

I’m a 17 year old, relatively cute girl. Finding a date isn’t hard for me, but keeping a date is impossible. Things tend to go well until they find out I’m bisexual. There have been people who have flat-out told me that being bisexual was the issue and there have been people who immediately cut me out of their life upon my mini “coming out” with no goodbye.

Some assume that just because I appreciate both sexes I must be a giant, unfaithful slut. Others are certain that I’m an attention seeking, straight-as-an-arrow girl with daddy issues.

I’m neither and I hate that people assume I’m lying or incapable of a monogamous relationship, like it’s incomprehensible that I’m not attracted to strictly one sex.

Should I just avoid telling partners about my sexuality and hope for the best?

You’re bisexual. Whoop-dee-fuckin’-doo. Quit making such a big deal out of it.

It’s just like a self-centered teenager to think people should give her extra credit for swinging both ways. It’s even more like a teenager to assume that everyone else is assuming all kinds of dramatic things about her sexuality.

I think you’d be surprised how little people actually give a fuck. Trust me, if you can’t keep a date at your age, it’s not because you’re bisexual. It’s because you’re annoying.

And yes. Shut the fuck up about your sexuality. Mini coming outs? How tacky. Not only is it nobody else’s business, but no one likes a drama queen.

Have some discretion and tact. With a little emotional maturity, I think you’ll find people will stop running for the hills.


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