On solidarity

Regarding your “Fuck Bernie Sanders” tweet, would you vote for Bernie if he won the nomination, or stay home?

If Bernie won the Democratic nomination for President, I would donate all of my time, money, and bodily fluids to help get him elected. I would vote for him. I would kill for him.

That said, Bernie should sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. His time has passed. He’s not the fresh voice anymore. His platform will be better articulated by younger, stronger candidates, and his nomination would all but guarantee a third party independent who would split the vote and get Trump elected to a second term.


5 thoughts on “On solidarity

  1. Wwaxwork says:

    Thank for articulating what I’ve been thinking about the whole Bernie Sanders thing but couldn’t quite put into words.

  2. Grouch says:

    Agreed, not that it matters (Canadian, for one). If you pass your standard life expectancy while in office, you’re definitely way too old.

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