On solidarity

Regarding your “Fuck Bernie Sanders” tweet, would you vote for Bernie if he won the nomination, or stay home?

If Bernie won the Democratic nomination for President, I would donate all of my time, money, and bodily fluids to help get him elected. I would vote for him. I would kill for him.

That said, Bernie should sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. His time has passed. He’s not the fresh voice anymore. His platform will be better articulated by younger, stronger candidates, and his nomination would all but guarantee a third party independent who would split the vote and get Trump elected to a second term.


7 thoughts on “On solidarity

  1. Wwaxwork says:

    Thank for articulating what I’ve been thinking about the whole Bernie Sanders thing but couldn’t quite put into words.

  2. Grouch says:

    Agreed, not that it matters (Canadian, for one). If you pass your standard life expectancy while in office, you’re definitely way too old.

  3. I don’t know if it’s a legitimate position either way, CQ. Would you call yourself a liberal in that case? Global capitalism has created refugess, extreme poverty in your own nation, youth unemployment at the highest its ever been in the history of the developed world, wealth at its most concentrated in the hands of those singlehandedly responsible for the destruction of the planet, and you’d rather have a neoliberal candiate?

    I’m not saying you need to be an out and out communist to see what I’m trying to say, but there is nothing wrong with anything Sen. Sanders is proposing.

    If his policies on education were in place (free public education), you would not have to deal with the kind of douchebags you’ve dealt with in your life (which has made you undoubtedly wise) to the degree that you did. Think of the impact it may have: first and foremeost, gender sensitisation may become an essential (and not an optional) part of higher education across the board.

    Sen. Warren may surely have a better chance, but this wave of pro welfare, pro-people policies, this ha snot jut come from nowhere. It takes years o committed struggle and frustration, of enduring poverty and discrimination togo up against a system that is rigged against any minority *by design*. The emergence of The Squad, and all the young, grounding, humble voices started out as voices of dissent, as Sanders did (and he’s the only politician up there who has been an activist, and knows what grassroots mobilisation is from the inside out).

    Both Hilary’s politics and her feminism were antiquated and anachronistic, which is why a chunk of the progressive American youth stayed at home. They wanted a change, not the same ideological undergirding that they were trying to change. Under Obama’s regime, the working classes suffered the most. The Dems lost the elections last time because of a lack of enough clear information about what they were going to do for the most vulnerable groups in society. Trump’s empty rhetoric, full of filth, hatred and lies won in dividing them all, in pitting them against one another, exploiting their aspirationalism (which a gross capitalism creates in the first place) for his own benefit. Like a true businessmean, he exploited an opportunity (a collective and grave sense of disenfranchisement) to make a profit. In this case, the biggest he ever made.

    It’s crucially important to defeat Trump, but also the Republican party’s way of thinking. You can essentially say they are a bunch of terrorists running the country (all politically motivated and armed to kill black men. If thy’re not cops, just some deranged, hateful white dudes thinking the world is their private videogame.)

    You don’t need a centre leaning candidate, you need someone radically different from Trump (comes from a humbl background, and hs an education in the social sciences); this is how you’ll come to a middle ground. Sanders and Warren, they’re your only hope.

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