On staying dumped.

So I was in a relationship for about a year. I had stuck by his side through his depression, with him cheating twice while we were together and then putting up with his drug abuse. I even lost my virginity to this guy. After it all, he broke up with me because I was too negative and what not but for the 5 months we’ve been apart, he’s told me he still loves me and that he misses me but those are once in a blue moon comments from him. He ignores me one minute then the next he’s confessing his love. I promised him I wouldn’t leave him and that I’ll always be here for him unlike any other person in his life but I just don’t know anymore. What should I do, just give up on him or hold on?

Hold on to him? Holy fucking Twilight novel, are you retarded? Get rid of him — immediately and permanently.

You’re not giving up on him or breaking some sacred promise or any other melodramatic bullshit. He’s a depressed, drug-addicted cheater who just wants to fuck you a few more times, and you’re a moron for sticking around.


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