On striking a nerve

Wow, nice vitriolic, angry response to that last question right after the letter about not letting our politics ‘come between us’ and putting divisiveness aside.

The more I read your words, Coquette, the more I realize how hypocritical and judgmental you can really be – and that’s incredibly disappointing. I’ve been a fan of yours for years, so I’ve witnessed your progress toward negative, holier-than-thou sanctimonious crap. And while I’m sure your instinctive response is how I’m too much of a ‘simple bitch’ or whatever to understand the complexities of your argument or some shit like that, maybe you should pause before you write me off like you do everyone else.

I used to respect your opinion as one both educated and unbiased, but frankly, the more I read you these days the more childish and up your own ass your thoughts sound. What once seemed confidence and knowledge now read like peacocking and presumption.

So here’s some unsolicited advice from a fellow bitch: maybe you should think a little more about what you’re saying, because you’ve got a lot of eyes watching these days, and your anonymity shouldn’t be used as a platform for thoughtless bullshit.

Damn, girl. Take a deep breath and slow your roll. Go re-read that last response. It wasn’t angry at all, and the only thing vitriolic is you.

I appreciate that you’ve been a longtime fan, but I think your memory is a little bit hazy. Go back to the archives. I’ve always been a shit talker. I’ve never been unbiased, and if anything, I’ve mellowed out over the years.

You’re obviously angry about something. Maybe it’s the election. Maybe someone in your life is making you feel small. Maybe you just had a shitty morning, but whatever it is, it sure as hell ain’t about me.

Do yourself a favor and try to let go of whatever disappointment you’re feeling. That shit is useless, and it will ruin your Sunday.


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