On taking a guess

Lemmie guess, you’re really a nerdy girl who, like many nerdy girls who learn to use makeup, discover (or not) they’re actually pretty and then begin to hang out with a less-than-honorable crowd only to realize this in time and, with the help of friends, was able to find a balance between the stuff that you like doing and the stuff that needs doing. Right?

Ugh. You can tell when a guy writes this shit.

Okay, dude. I’ll admit, I was an ugly duckling. Gangly as fuck at just the right age where my eventual hotness didn’t go to my head the wrong way. I suppose my mother also helped with that. She made sure I understood the limitations of physical beauty. It was never about anything as trite as learning to use make-up. That’s an external process, like learning to lace up a boot. Sure, it’s useful, but it’s not a source of discovery.

Also, I’m not a nerdy girl. I’m an intelligent woman, so we can dispense with the archetypal moment where I took off my glasses, let down my hair, and suddenly everyone started blowing rails off my tits.

As for the less-than-honorable crowd remark, I’d say you haven’t been paying attention to what I do here. Of course, I’ve met more than my fair share of less-than-honorable people, but I know how to spot them, I know how to deal with them, and they never become part of my crowd. Ever.

You got the last part right, though. Finding a balance between the stuff I like doing and the stuff that needs doing with the help of friends, well shit, that’s how I live my life every day.


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