On teenage body issues.

I literally hate my body. I’m eighteen and I’ve been overweight (not seriously, but just slightly) since childhood. The last year or so I lost about twenty pounds but I just can never be happy with where I am. I am a totally average weight now and eat healthy, work out regularly, etc. but I just cannot get over my utter lack of confidence. How the hell do I get over this crap enough to live my life happily and confidently? And of course growing up will help, but I need something more short term!

Bitch, if I had a short term solution to teenage body issues, I could rid the world of Proactiv commercials while making it rain Oprah money. Unfortunately, none of you little twits think I’m serious when I tell you to burn your fucking magazines and boycott every toxic source of unattainable beauty standards.

There is no magic to this, and the truth you’ll never believe is that you look fine. Hell, at eighteen you’re pretty much hot by default. You’re not a fucking runway model, but you’re not a dumpster troll either, and that’s just life in the 99%.

If you can’t be happy with where you are, tough shit. You’ll be miserable right up until you quit missing the point. In the meantime, try and remember that confidence isn’t a byproduct of body image, and happiness and beauty aren’t even close to being the same fucking thing.


One thought on “On teenage body issues.

  1. Micol Brunelli says:

    This is all totally valid and scrap all sources of unattainable beauty standards is the ultimate goal to reach body confidence, I should add not just clearing your life and mind with the toxicity but also starting to fill it with positive influences (real people, reading material, group therapy, whatever) is certainly gonna give it an extra kick. Especially surrounding yourself with the right people.
    I speak from experience and that has worked out marvelously for me.

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