On the best girls.

WHY, oh, WHY, must all the best girls be straight?

Gay girls bitching that all the best girls are straight is just as silly as straight girls bitching that all the best boys are gay.

In either case, it usually means the girl doing the bitching has a taste for forbidden fruit. Is that it? Is there a ripe, delicious peach just out of arm’s length? Mmm. It looks so good up there, glistening and ready to be plucked. If only you could reach up and grab it.

Oh please, straight pussy doesn’t taste any sweeter than gay pussy. If you think it does, it’s all in your head. Maybe you love a challenge. Maybe it’s a bit of self-sabotage to prevent you from being in a position where you’re truly vulnerable.

Whatever it is, chill the fuck out and recognize that you’re the one making a problem for yourself. After all, the best girls are the ones that love you back.


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