On the boss’s wife

I recently got written up at work for calling the boss’s wife, “the boss’s wife” the first time I met her. We have the same title and position at work and I’m a pretty light-hearted and sarcastic guy at times. Who was wrong? Me for jokingly referring to her that way or her for shoving that stick up her ass far enough to complain to HR?

Fuck who was wrong. This ain’t about that. You need to quickly wrap your head around how badly you fucked up.

Congratulations, dumbass. You’ve officially made an enemy at work who can get you fired. Not only is she the boss’s wife, but she’s clearly demonstrated that she knows how to use the system to her advantage. There’s paperwork involved, and guess what? On paper, you’re the bad guy.

Is she a hypersensitive cunt for having you reprimanded? Maybe. Do you come off as more of an asshole than you think you do? Probably. Still, all of that is beside the point. What matters is that she doesn’t like you, and you need to recognize that this was a warning shot from a master manipulator who made you her bitch on the very first day she met you.

Don’t think of this in terms of who was right or wrong. This is a power game. It’s about who wins or loses, and despite you two having the same job description, she’s already asserted her dominance.

Good luck keeping that title and position.


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