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On the future

I just wanted to say thank you for writing dearcoketalk. Yes, it’s maybe what I spent the majority of last night doing… but fuck, it was good. I’ve never done coke before, but when I read your writing, I feel like I’m doing lines of high-quality blow. I get this subtle rush that edges in and realize fuckyeah, life is awesome. Having only done methylone and some psychedelics, I’m only a baby on the drug scene (and only recently started reading up on erowid.) However, from reading your writing, I can tell that coke has quiet effect that sneaks up on you; it covers you and gives you this comfortable yet much needed kick in the ass. I don’t think I’m disciplined enough to actually do coke in real life (I’d get addicted so quickly and become an abuser instead of a user), but I’ll sustain myself with your writing until I can gain self control.

When I read your writing, I remember that there’s this gigantic world out there, so many shiny things to fuck with, and so much shit I can leave my bloody fingerprints all over. I curse more. I think “so what if that happens? At least I did it!” more. I remember what it’s like to be bold and ballsy. I don’t mean all of this in a carpe diem sense, but in a “I’m a thinking person who is fucking ALIVE and can DO STUFF.” Not only do I have thoughts but also I have actions. Those two together are a powerful combination. I know I’m being a bit Captain Obvious right now, but sometimes, the daily grind of life makes me forget that and it’s nice being reminded.

No, I wouldn’t live by your philosophy with 100% purity, but reading your tumblrs makes me realize how much of a pussy cat I’ve been. I’m turning 21 soon and as I look back on 20, I think wow, what an unremarkable year. Yes, it was a good year, but what did I learn? Did I even feel anything? Am definitely going to imbibe some coketalk into 21. I want one or two fearless stories that would make coketalk proud. And I want to read more books and do more shit and just be fucking alive. Not alive in a reckless teenager way but in a thoughtful manner in which I can look back and be proud of.

So thank you for writing again. Reading your entries is like the kick in the ass I need to remember that this is my life and I should grab it by the balls and fuck there’s so much out there to be done. You’re not exactly my role model, but fuck, your writing inspires me to go do shit and be more exciting. Again, the best way I can describe it…. is that it’s like doing coke. Thank you thank you thank you and please keep writing.

Consider yourself lucky. You’re about to spend your twenties in a century entering its teens.

This past decade was a cultural wasteland devoid of any significant artistic or technological breakthrough, a mini dark ages begging for renaissance.

For ten fucking years, our entire country missed the point. We were supposed to eat, drink, and be merry. Instead, everyone got fat, hungover, and riddled with anxiety.

A few of us pagans managed to carry the torch, lit with chemicals and fuck all, and we can’t wait to see what you kids do when we hand it off, because we know you’re ready, and we can taste the impending social revolution like metal in our mouths.

It’s time to have fun again. It’s time for a new school. It’s time for some god damned vision, because something big is coming, and if we’re lucky it won’t be a world war.

It’s as if this country’s fate and culture are hot blooded lovers poised on the verge of an outburst, ready to tear each other apart, and neither one knows whether it will be fighting or fucking.

Either way, some furniture is getting broken.

Exciting times ahead.


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  1. Quinn says:

    I love reading your stuff from this time and marveling at how you know goddamned everything. This one was posted the day after my 21st birthday so it was especially fun.

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