On the grind

Everything makes me angry. People I used to like are insufferable, I hate the girl I called my best friend, the job I felt important doing is a soul sucking mess, and my 6 year relationship feels tired and boring.

What the fuck happened to me? Why isn’t life fun anymore?

If your six year relationship is tired and boring, then do something about it. Spice that shit up, or move the fuck on.

If you hate your best friend, then confront the source of that negativity. Either fix your friendship, or cut her out of your life.

If the job you once felt was important is a soul sucking mess, then rediscover what’s important to you. Quit if you want. Stick it out if you have to. Whatever. Just find a new way to do your best.

Nothing fucking happened to you. Maybe you’re depressed. Maybe you’re bipolar. Maybe you’re just an irritable cunt, but no matter what, never forget that life is a grind. It’s hard sometimes, and the only way to improve shit is by doing the fucking work it takes to change.

Quit whining about fun and go do something.


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