On the landmark forum.

just completed the landmark forum and feeling fucked. 39 hrs in 3 days listening to people describe their fucked lives. i’m no angel, haven’t lived the perfect dream, but I don’t focus on the imperfections,  don’t think of them and certainly don’t speak of them to strangers. Feeling like i went through the washing machine of brain washing and not sure how to rinse away the filth.

toxic. toxic. toxic.

your insights and opinions on the program would be appreciated.

I’d never heard about the Landmark Forum until today. Based on what I can tell from the website, it looks a lot like a watered down version of Scientology aimed at people who regularly update their Linkedin profiles.

It’s super creepy, but in a sanitized, corporate sort of way. I’m sure it’s worked wonders for poly-blend pant suit wearing types who feed off the business self-help section of Barnes and Noble, but that shit ain’t for me. Any time an organization puts trademark symbols at the end of its own marketing buzzwords, that’s my cue to run for the hills.

I’m very sorry that you paid six hundred bucks to spend three days at some cheesy hotel conference center for what is essentially a speed dating version of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Next time you wanna blow some cash on a long weekend of self-exploration, I suggest you just buy a plane ticket to Peru and participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony.


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