On the law of attraction

What we call the Law of Attraction is just a name to describe cause and effect (for every action there is a reaction). In quantum physics this is referred to as the ‘observer effect’ and is well documented. In our every day world it can be observed by the way our body responds to negative emotion by contracting and going into ‘fight or flight’. In short, the Law of Attraction is hardwired into the universe, but it works on the level of vibration, i.e., raise your emotional vibration and you attract an equal reaction.

Raise your emotional vibration? Ugh. You are so full of shit.

Listen, you are free to believe whatever silly nonsense makes you happy, but Newton’s third law of motion already has a name, and you don’t get to allude to the phenomenon of wave function collapse in quantum mechanics as if it’s somehow evidence of your bullshit metaphysics.

You do not understand science. You don’t even understand pseudo-science. I hate to break it to you, but the law of attraction isn’t hardwired into the universe. Confirmation bias is hardwired into your brain.


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