On the new thirty.

Am I a cougar? Seriously, all the signs are there: I’m forty-one, single, I have sex with younger guys and last Friday night I caught myself eating a cheese platter and looking up all my old boyfriends on Facebook. When I saw one of them holding a baby I burst into tears. What is this shit? I have an incredible career. I have NO desire for children (seriously, I don’t) and if I wanted a husband I could have one. Am I a victim of some romantic comedy fantasy or am I in denial about what I really want?

Yes, you are a cheese eating cougar.

That’s fine. There’s no shame in your game. Also, don’t worry about the Facebook incident. You are not a victim of some romantic comedy fantasy.

Those tears weren’t about the baby or anything baby related. Those tears were about the relationship. The baby was just a catalyst for some unprocessed residual emotion you still had for an old boyfriend.

Everyone is entitled to a moment of sentimentality when flipping through old picture albums. You got it out of your system. No big deal.

Keep doing your thing, sister. Live life on your own terms. Just remember, the half-your-age-plus-seven rule applies to women too.

Happy cougaring!


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