On the oldest profession.

what role do prostitutes play in the coketalk guide to happy sexing?

Whatever role you pay them for. Kind of the point, isn’t it?

Some of my best friends are high priced escorts, so I’m familiar with more than just the concept of prostitution. For a hard working and talented few, it can be a wild and lucrative trade, but like most jobs, the brutal reality usually involves shitty hours and undignified labor.

As with everything, street-level hustling should be discouraged. I don’t care if it’s drugs, pussy, or sacks full or oranges — you’ve got no business selling it on the corner.

Also, I don’t keep men in my life who pay for sex. Sorry guys. Life is full of double standards. I’ve got no problem with my girls selling it, but you’ve lost my respect if you’re buying.

Other than that, be safe and leave the money on the nightstand.


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