On the other orgasm.

Who the fuck started the rumor that women can have orgasms from sex without clit stimulation? I’VE personally never met one of these magically orgasmic females…have you? Are they really out there? If it IS a myth (as I suspect) I’m not about to make it worse for all of us by faking orgasms for clueless men. Thoughts?

Oh, you poor, poor woman. This breaks my heart.

Unicorns are a myth. Leprechauns are a myth. G-spot orgasms are not a myth. Clitoral orgasms are great, but if you’ve never had a G-spot orgasm, I’m really very sorry for you.

Now, I’ll grant you that eliminating clitoral stimulation and/or involving clueless men is generally a recipe for bad sex. Still, that should not affect the legitimacy of a good old fashioned toe-curling, mind-blowing, mattress-soaking G-spot orgasm.

I hope one day you come to know what I mean.

* Oh, and to this idiot: you and gullible people like you are grossly misinterpreting
the recent British G-spot study. Please stop swallowing statistics and soundbites without chewing them. You’re going to choke on your own stupidity.


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