On the rage of the average joe

What do you think of the Christopher Dorner Manifesto that was released a few days ago in which he states his reasons in clear, precise terms, why he’s going on “asymetrical, unconventional warfare” against the Los Angeles Police Department?

This excerpt from The Last Psychiatrist’s post on The Rage of the Average Joe (which was written in response to Joe Stack flying his plane into an IRS building in 2010) brilliantly sums up everything I want to say about Christopher Dorner and his stupid fucking manifesto:

“It’s natural to look at this from your own perspective (“he has a point about the rich” etc) but this isn’t a manifesto, it’s a suicide note. The information of suicide notes are not reliable.

And it’s a suicide note, not a homicide note, because it is about his life/death. Everyone else doesn’t matter.

The reason why he’s so hard to pin down as right wing or left wing (or patsy) is that it’s not important to him, writing the note. The purpose of the note isn’t to convey information, it is to convey mood, and the seemingly random and contradictory positions he takes on issues is all in an attempt to win you, the reader, over to his side. He knows for sure he is angry, he knows for sure he feels wronged, but he can’t logically and realistically link the real world events to his level of anger. So he confuses you with words while blanketing you with mood. You have no idea what he’s talking about, but you definitely sympathize with the frustration. Boom— he got you.

If you simply look at it as a “type”, then he’s a mass murderer, akin to a guy in a tower with a rifle. So the form of the note will be impotence, paranoia, displacement, a feeling of rejection/invalidation, and, of course, narcissism. I’ll make the simple observation that as obsessed with rules as he was, he didn’t think and didn’t like that they necessarily applied to him.”


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