On the size zero pill.

Do you have any thoughts on Mr. Kenneth Tong, his size zero pill, or his “managed anorexia” theory? It seems like he’s trying to make money/build his ‘brand’ on maxims that have been around as long as insecurity has, but he’s gaining friends and followers everyday.

Kenneth Tong is just Tom Vu 2.0, and the size zero pill doesn’t even exist. Not really. Certainly not as a legitimate product. The size zero pill is basically just a new street name for an unregulated, unscheduled drug similar to ephedrine called clenbuterol.

By unregulated, I mean that none of the shit you might buy off the internet from shady overseas distributors is approved by the FDA for human use.

By unscheduled, I mean that it’s not technically a controlled substance, but don’t worry, it will be soon. The second some midwest housewife drops dead of a heart attack while on clenbuterol, the DEA will schedule the drug, and Kenneth Tong will be out of business.

Girls, please ignore this kind of ridiculous bullshit, and stay away from pathetic douchebags like Kenneth Tong. There is no such thing as a magic weight loss pill, and there is no such thing as “managed anorexia.”

Also, don’t legitimize that kind of nonsense by calling it a theory. Theories are for thinking people, and this asshole doesn’t qualify.


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