On three easy ones

I was cheating on my boyfriend. I tried to end it with him but I was guilt tripped into staying. So I made the choice to “do right” and ditch my passionate lover. I still have this burning want and desire that consumes me and I feel like I have missed out on something important. It all makes me sad and when I am shit faced at the end of the night, other guy is who I think about.

Sucker. (You got what you deserve.)

Recently, I’ve gotten into the habit of becoming embroiled in facebook arguments with my brother and his conservative, misogynistic, bible-thumping friends. Normally I try to avoid arguing on the internet, but my brother seems to be getting more close-minded and xenophobic the more he talks with these people. I thought it’d be good for a woman to call him out on his bullshit, but am I just wasting my time? These guys actually called me a “commie.”

Stop. (You’re wasting your time.)

My boyfriend called me “spoiled” for never working a crappy job. I’ve worked a bunch of jobs, some retail, some more awesome, but I’ve never had to work a truly shit job to support myself. This is partly because I haven’t graduated college yet, partly because the time I found a job to pay my way through life, it was a pretty good job. Is he a dick, or do I need some perspective?

Both. (Write me back when you have a real problem.)


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