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On trump-sized advice

CQ, will you please let your sizable fan base know that there is still a Senate seat up for grabs in Louisiana? Every single person in the country who is horrified by the Donald Trump presidency should be trying to get Foster Campbell elected right now, to bring the Senate to an even slightly less terrifying 51-49.
Every last motherfucker who reads this, please go donate to Foster Campbell’s campaign. Do it right now. If you live in Louisiana, get your ass off the couch and go volunteer for his campaign. No joke. This is a big deal.

Do you think they’re crushing up Xanax or some shit and putting it in his soda? Or is he just very, very scared while riding a narcissist’s high?
Please. Donald Trump has no chill. He’s just too busy fucking up already to be in our faces with his usual bullshit.

Not even a Trump presidency is keeping me distracted from wallowing in self pity over my break up. I’m still in love with him!! Please yell at me.
No. I envy you. This is the perfect time to be heartbroken. It’s like getting a two-for-one deal on misery. Go have a shitty round of holidays like the rest of us and look forward to a 2017 where we’ll all be hardened by bitterness and rage.

Let’s say Trump is out of the picture. Maybe he resigns, or is impeached…Mike Pence becomes our next President, right? Isn’t that even more terrifying, knowing his extremely right-leaning position on every platform? What do we do then? It’s like we’re in a game of chess and we’ve just been cornered.
Relax. Mike Pence would be crippled by his association with Trump. He has has no friends in Congress, no mandate, and he would get torn apart by a Republican leadership who would want a chance to hit the reset button in 2020. Yes, he’s a terrible human being, but he’s also an empty suit. We should be so lucky to have his dumb ass fumble into the Oval Office.

Trump the president will not be the same person as Trump the guy trying to win an election. It baffles me that you can be so naive. You give Hillary all these props for masterfully playing the game, yet Trump out-played her. You’re too blinded by your girl power bullshit that you can’t even give props where they’re due. I think you’ll be humbled by the reality of the next 4 years.
What? You think you’ve stumbled onto some unique insight? The candidate is always different than the office-holder, you boorish mansplaining twat. Trump outplayed Hillary by appealing to the worst inside the lowest among us. If you think for one second that Trump will suddenly transmogrify into anything resembling a statesman, then you are drastically underestimating the pathology of that man’s narcissism.

Is it actually possible for him to repeal Roe v. Wade? Please, please, please say no. Please.
Not only is it possible, but it’s likely. It won’t necessarily come in the form of a reversal, but I promise you that women’s reproductive rights will be eroded to the point of non-existence over the next two years. It won’t be permanent. We will eventually win the war, but be mentally and emotionally prepared to lose a number of important battles.

Any chance with this whole “faithless electors” thing?
No. The best case scenario is that enough electors abstain for Trump to not reach 270 votes, which means the Republican Congress would then have to vote him into office, which they would most definitely do. Still, at least it would force those assholes to stand up and claim Donald Trump as their own. They would be responsible for him. It would be their fault, not ours.

I’ve seen people have been donating to Planned Parenthood in Trump’s name, are you one of them?!
Of course I am.

“Embrace the fucking change.” Oof.
Now more than ever. (It’s not supposed to be easy, and remember, embrace doesn’t mean condone.)


158 thoughts on “On trump-sized advice

      • Qwerty Bob says:

        As a guy who was employed both terms by the other Clinton, I gotta say “stop it, just stop it!”
        Hillary lost for several reasons but most of them are now in the cryroom with Play-Doh scheming on where to walkout and/or protest (burn and loot) next. She, and you, made and continue to make the mistake of actually believing (then shouting way too loudly) that you know me, you know America and you know what is best for me and what is best for America. My response, having heard this from way too many of the chattering political class on both sides of the spectrum for nearly 70 years, is “no, no you don’t.” So, please keep on seeking safe spaces and whining about the lack of what you are owed (for God only knows why) and usher in, before his first term has officially begun, Trump’s second term.

        • J Lynn says:

          You were a total dick on another thread, Qwerty, and I took time to answer your loaded rhetorical questions AS IF they were sincere. Not doing that again.

          Right now, no one has time for your insults and spite. Nobody’s in the fucking “cryroom” whatever that is. We’re trying to organize to take action.

          You are the one who sounds like you’re having a tantrum. Until you have something more productive to contribute, I’m not interested in shit-stirring and time-wasting.

        • Stephen says:

          Donald Trump doesn’t give a shit about the general welfare of the American people. I know that sentence seems unconnected to anything you said, but give me a minute to explain.

          Trump campaigned on the idea of “Make America Great Again”, which is arguably a subtle call to white nationalism/white supremacy (“We’ll make this country great — you know, before all the brown people and the queers started getting uppity”). He campaigned on the ideas of deporting people here illegally and banning people who believe a certain religion from entering the country, all without considering the myriad of consequences for doing either or both. He referred climate change, the most pressing global issue of this generation and the next, as a hoax perpretrated by the Chinese. Every one of his economic plans seems poised to deliver more benefits to the already-wealthy (a primarily white demographic thanks to the distribution of wealth in this country’s history, BTW) than the middle class and the poor. He has asked for his children, who will supposedly be running his businesses in his “absence”, to have security clearances for top-secret information. Steve Bannon, a white nationalist anti-Semite, is part of his incoming administration. The next SCOTUS appointee will be conservative, and that will open the door for all kinds of social progress to be turned backwards. The GOP-controlled Congress may not entirely like Trump, but it will eventually swear loyalty — obedience — to the next President because it’d mean at least two years of the GOP getting its national platform installed at the federal level of government.

          Donald Trump gives no fucks about the general welfare of the American people as a whole because he already won and that’s what matters to him.

          And that’s why we’re going to fight, why we’re going to resist normalizing Trump, his cabinet/administration, and the things those people will say and do. This is not normal. This is not right. And we will keep the pressure on Trump and our lawmakers so it doesn’t become normal.

          We’re going to organize. We’re going to write letters and make phone calls to lawmakers. We’re going to stand up, look into the dead-eyed hellmouth that is a Trump presidency, and spit in its face.

          You came here to ask the Dear Coquette readership to essentially stop shitting on Trump before he even gets into office. For all the whining you and others like you do about “safe spaces” and people being “perpetually offended”, seems like you’re the one who has had their jimmies rustled. And I doubt you would’ve been as quiet as you want us to be if Hillary had won.

          So take your calls for a Trump-supporter “safe space” on this blog and your willingness to obediently bow down before The Living Cheetoh, ball them up real nice, shove them all the way up your ass, and go die in a forest fire.

        • Becky says:

          It’s funny how hard these people latch onto the idea of safe spaces.

          It’s part of a global pattern of (as far as I can tell) just hating kindness

          • Stephen says:

            It’s not that they hate the idea of “safe spaces” as originally envisioned by those who first started them (a place for marginalized people to go so they could voice opinions and talk about their lives and whatnot without fear of judgment). They hate the idea of the “safe space” as hyperbole — that is, the “safe space” that is a bubble or an echo chamber, as a place for people to go so they won’t be “challenged” by opposing viewpoints or “the harshness of reality”.

            (Ironically, for all their whining about that kind of “safe space”, they’re more likely to retreat into one of their own when called out on stupid/offensive things they’ve said or done.)

            Same thing with “trigger warnings”. They’re not opposed to the idea of “trigger warnings” as originally envisioned (which are effectively the same thing as content warnings on the rating labels attached to movies and videogames). They’re opposed to the hyperbolic idea of “trigger warnings” that reach into the realm of the ridiculous. And for all the shitflinging they do about people being “triggered”, they’re more likely to have their jimmies rustled by anyone calling out their behavior and speech.

            The people who bitch about this shit really aren’t as self-aware as they think. At least I know I’m a liberal who doesn’t read much from reasonable conservatives (though I’d like to change that).

    • pwinks says:

      Yeah–I was surprised about Coq’s response to that question. As horrifying as it seems…Trump’s erraticism, narcissism, unpredictability, and past life as a Democrat are actually bulwarks against an even worse type of crazy for if/when Pence gets the #1 spot. Trump at least has the populism and idiocy to actually push for some ok stuff–say, infrastructure spending (though his plan will undoubtedly suck: But Pence is in lockstep with the worst of the officeholders in Congress.

    • J Lynn says:

      Ugh. thanks for the link. At least w Pence he can be opposed in the normal way, like a Rick Santorum type. More predictable, less erratic then Trump.

      But irrelevant at this point. Need to focus on resisting Trump very hard b4 inauguration.

    • Datdamwuf says:

      Yep, people keep assuring me Trump will be impeached quickly (I doubt it). But I tell them that as bad as he is, having Pence as president with a Republican majority would be even worse. Well except for that niggling fear of nuclear annihilation

  1. Richard says:

    People really need to quite trying to normalize or mitigate the Trump presidency. He’s already appointed Steve fucking Bannon. All the bad shit you’re asking about, yes it’s going to happen. All the good stuff you’re hoping will come out of this? Nah. All you’re essentially doing is rationalizing complacency for the next four years. Please cut that shit out.

  2. J Lynn says:

    As noted on previous thread, those in US need to call their Senators & US House Rep re:

    1 Where do you stand on Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon? (try to make them give a position). If they haven’t already: Please make a statement against Steve Bannon being a White House advisor.

    2 Where do you stand on Paul Ryan’s plan to privatize Medicare, which he also proposed in 2015? Please know that my family & I strongly oppose this idea, and we want to keep and expand Medicare as a PUBLIC insurance program.
    Here is list of Reps who voted for Ryan plan in 2015:

    My mom & I made those calls to our respective people yesterday and I promise you it does feel good to take an action!

    [ps — Just made a recurring contribution to Foster Campbell, thx for the reminder!]

  3. Grouch says:

    I just donated to Foster Campbell. I’m Canadian. @_@

    Well, we’re all in this together. Then, I’m going to pay 15$ to become a member of the Progressive Conservative party so that I can vote in their primaries, and vote for the candidate that believes global warming is a serious threat and we need to do all we can to stop it (and deregulate other aspects of businesses, and not approve more LGBT-positive legislation, fuck, I’m not voting for the man). Then I’m going to go volunteer for the New Democratic Party’s campaign. We have a hell-bitch wannabe PC leader who glorifies Trump, and I will do everything possible to stop her.

  4. Alicia says:

    Just donated to Foster’s campaign. That felt good. Been feeling at a loss as to what I can do up here in Massachusetts. Signed up for PP’s volunteer mailing list, too, and am waiting to hear about what they need…

  5. J Lynn says:

    Coquette — Would you be willing to set up a paypal or some kind of support-dear-coquette for those outside the US who might want to support progressive candidates but can’t legally contribute to political campaigns?

    i.e., the donation is legally speaking for this space/community, which is in turn pledged to share w good candidates.

    I just don’t want this Louisiana Foster Campbell guy to get in trouble re finance laws due to our eagerness to help him!

    ETA: I believe donations to non-profits (NGOs) like Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Southern Poverty Law Center are perfectly fine.

  6. Ann says:

    Thank you for the suggestion. I donated, my mom and sister just donated, and now their friends are donating. It’s an easy step. Feeling hopeless and outraged is a terrible combination.

  7. Bruce says:

    I donated $5 to Campbell before even reading the rest of the post. If you check into the recent history of Louisiana, well, let me just copy/paste some Wikipedia for you:

    “In the 2008 elections, Louisiana sent a mixed result, with the defeat of U.S. Senator John S. McCain for President and the reelection of Democratic U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu. The other senator is Republican David Vitter. Republicans hold six of the seven U.S. Representative seats from Louisiana. The governor is a Democrat, John Bel Edwards. By contrast, in 1960, not a single Republican served in either house of the Louisiana legislature.”

    LA is on a steady downward slide into iron-fisted Republican control. This pattern looks very familiar to me. It looks a lot like my home state of Oklahoma, a formerly Democratic state. You city-slickers may know us as that state which goes red in every county, for every presidential election.

    If you don’t want to give the Republicans (and Trump) another Oklahoma, get your asses to that link and donate $5 NOW.

  8. VeryIrritable says:

    “Embrace the fucking change.”

    Rejected Cq slogans:

    Hug the nuclear cactus!
    Lick the fecal cucumber!
    Stab yourself with love!
    Take acid and stare in the mirror!
    Have compassion for people who hate you!

  9. JustThisGirl says:

    Earlier today I had to choose which asthma prescriptions to pick up because I can’t afford all of them. I have the “best” union-provided insurance plan in my state.

    I STILL just donated $5 to Campbell and $5 to Planned Parenthood. We can all find the money somewhere.

    • VeryIrritable says:

      My pain medicine is $435 per month without insurance. My migraine medicine is $1200-1600 per month. There is absolutely no hope in my heart at all that insurance or health costs are going to get better now.

      I have some immediate costs to deal with before I donate to anyone.

        • VeryIrritable says:

          It’s about economies of scale. I have to donate. Just like I have to buy homeless people food when they are within reach. One more little thing isn’t going to break me.

          It’s when the big things break that I’m fucked…kinda like human rights. Those microaggressions can be born with some difficulty, but when you find yourself being beaten to death or unable to get an abortion…that’s broken.

          • Hello says:

            Bloody hell, the whole health care situation is fucked even after the ACA. And god forbid Trump removes the pre-existing medical condition bit.
            You take care, take your meds. If you have the energy, share your time, your skills and your voice in a political movement or a non-profit 😉

        • Monochromicorn says:

          As someone that works in health, the costs won’t get better.

          You think of health care costs in a market of people getting insurance and companies selling insurance. You think of companies competing for the insured and that driving down costs. The important market is company to company, for example, between pharmaceutical companies and the insurance company. When we are all divided in many private companies, we don’t have the bargaining power to negotiate for lower prices on drugs from pharmaceutical companies.

          • JILL STEIN 2016 says:

            True insurance alone can’t solve price hikes by big pharma. Other solutions are needed to lower the cost of medicine.

        • J Lynn says:

          Who cares whether individuals on Coke Talk will “admit” it?
          If, miraculously, health care cost and access is improved, it will be obvious to everyone.

          I am extremely skeptical that Trump or the Republican Congress can or would improve health care. But if by some miracle they do, I personally will admit that it happened. However, that won’t make up for threatening mass deportation, threatening to register and round up Muslims, praising torture, colluding with Vladimir Putin’s government, etc., etc.

          BTW, it’s refreshing to see “Jill Stein 2016” and “Trump’s not so bad” appearing candidly and honestly in the same comment — an alliance so many of us suspected all along.

        • VeryIrritable says:

          Nope. trump is still a narcissistic, criminal, racist, xenophobe. I have not even once seen something redeemable from him. You might think, “what about his gracious victory speech.” To which I say, you’re kidding. And now that he is stocking his cabinet with people of abhorrent nature, my view is further validated. There was no chance. We predicted there would be no chance, and so far we are proven correct. So feel free to wake me when he lifts that one little pinky on his tiny hand and accidentally does something that is possibly good.

      • JustThisGirl says:

        Fair. I didn’t post that to make people who are experiencing genuine financial trouble feel guilty, and I apologize if it came off that way. But I think a lot of people think they can’t afford it so they wait til next paycheck. Then something else comes up and they wait until the next one. I know I do that sometimes.
        I couldn’t afford 2 $100 inhalers, but I CAN afford $10, right now. If you’re wondering how that works, I took it out of my grocery budget. Which sucks because I don’t get to buy more coffee beans until next month (#firstworldproblems), but it doesn’t suck as much as not being able to get a safe abortion if I need one.

  10. SALAMANDA says:

    if people don’t create like a real goddamn plan to burn this bitch i’m gonna be fucking suicidal soon. if they dont wanna be on the right side of history then THESE PEOPLE NEED TO DIE

    • Stephen says:

      No. This is the kind of hyperbolic — and ultimately unproductive — bullshit we need to avoid now.

      I understand the desire to destroy and hurt. But violent acts will not do anyone any good, especially you. They will lead only to more violence from both your “side” and theirs. Worse yet, they could even lead the Trump administration to declare a state of emergency, enact martial law, and subject all American citizens to a military rule of law. If you think it can’t happen here, rid yourself of that delusion ASAP.

      You want a plan? Okay. Contact your local and state politicians by phone or letter; pressure them to resist the Trump administration. Keep up the pressure over the next two years. If they normalize, defend, or otherwise acquiesce to the incoming administration, vote them out at the midterms. (Corollary: SHOW UP TO THE FUCKING MIDTERMS.) Organize a group of people who are willing to do this sort of work on a regular basis over a long period of time. Help plan protests with the motive of pulling people into a sustained movement; during any such protests, pass out flyers or get people’s emails on behalf of a solid political organization. Get involved with more than the national election every four years — starting local will help you build a political relationship with your community that can do wonders. Talk with reasonable people whom you might consider “opposition” (can’t stress that “reasonable” descriptor enough) and try to find some common ground from which productive discussions can happen between them and you.

      Oh, and be prepared to do a lot of boring work. Boring, repetitive, “I’d rather be at my job” work. Because that’s how real political change happens: lots of boring and pragmatic (and peaceful) actions spread out over a long period of time. Riots and murders can bring about change, but it won’t be the kind you’ll want. If you want change — real, long-lasting, meaningful change — show up to do the work involved.

      And for God’s sake, stop the calls for violence. I’m pretty sure the NSA reads this blog.

    • Bry says:

      You’re a buffoon. All of these protests are in urban areas that didn’t even go for Trump. Any rioting or violence is mostly affecting people on the left. Trump voters are watching and laughing from rural areas and you are just making sure they don’t come back to the dems next election. Furthermore, how about protesting with a coherent goal other than not my president? How about protesting to support ending the electoral college or at least amending it so that the right can’t steal any more elections? Passion without purpose is pointless.

      • Obviously says:

        They didn’t steal any election…they won the election
        And the electoral college makes sense…that’s why it’s there. I actually thought that Trump was going to win the popular vote and the electoral college would get Hillary through to the win, as did a lot of people who actually know how it works……so it would be pretty hypocritical to now be like “um noo electoral college.”
        Plus…we didn’t want Trump saying he would “look at it at the time” and decide if he’d accept the results, and now democrats are looking at it at the time and deciding not to accept the results? Stop undermining our democratic election process. You’ll ruin it forever if you ruin it one time. And someone worse than Trump will decide they “don’t like the results” if we cut at the bedrock to that extent and decide elections can be won via blackmailing people in power, pulling strings and protesting.

        • Stephen says:

          “They didn’t steal any election”

          No, they didn’t steal it. They just “levelled the playing field” with gerrymandering and voter suppression techniques such as voter ID laws, cuts to early voting hours, and reductions in the number of voting sites.

          “we didn’t want Trump saying he would “look at it at the time” and decide if he’d accept the results, and now democrats are looking at it at the time and deciding not to accept the results?”

          Technically, the “results” aren’t final until the Electoral College meets in December to officially cast their votes. Democrats are trying for a miracle shot with the whole “faithless electors in swing states” thing; while such electors can vote for Hillary if they want (especially since she won the popular vote), I wouldn’t put my faith into it actually happening.

          “You’ll ruin it forever if you ruin it one time.”

          Same could be said for a Trump presidency…

          • JILL STEIN 2016 says:

            If you’re going to blame it on gerrymandering (dems also do this on a smaller scale) and voter ID you need to be critical about the shit your side has pulled too. There were investigations in several states of voter fraud and we caught several democrat operatives on video admitting to organized voter fraud.

            And what’s the defense? It was bar room talk, it was just a prank bro! O’Keefe made bad videos in the past so this video is false even though legit people clearly laid out their plans with no room for doubt, and got fired after being exposed!

          • Cuttlefish says:

            If Hillary had won the electoral college but lost the popular vote, I would be relieved that the world would be spared the damage of a Trump presidency, but I would not deny that the system is unfair at its core. A candidate should not be able to get almost 2 million more votes than their opponent and still lose. That is flatly unethical no matter who you support.

            And all these minority voters whose interest proponents of the electoral college allegedly want to protect? You do realize that literally all non-white minorities voted with the majority, both this time and the last time that this happened, right?

        • Bry says:

          Trump did win the election as the system stands. I was for ending the EC and moving to popular vote long before this election. My opinion isn’t reactionary. I was simply suggesting that if people are going to protest then they should have a coherent goal and that rioting and violence aren’t going to solve anything. All protests are happening in cities and urban areas that always go blue anyways. It’s just making Trump supporters further dismiss the left as emotionally masturbatory crybabies. This is the second election in 16 years that hasn’t went to the candidate with the most votes. You honestly think that’s OK?

          • Obviously says:

            Yeah…if it went to popular vote you could just campaign in three of the biggest states and win the election

          • Obviously says:

            Seriously…this whole thing is about minorities feeling unheard. So… want to make it so that the majority is the only thing that matters? That doesn’t make sense.

            Someone somewhere likened popular vote elections to two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner

          • Bry says:

            How is that different than now where they just campaign in swing states? The majority wouldn’t be all that matters. People would still elect the lawmakers that best represent them and their values and interests. There’s only one office that represents the whole country and the whole country should decide. It’s the definition of fairness. One person, one vote. This isn’t about minorities being unheard to me. I don’t know why you keep projecting things onto me to make your argument. Someone somewhere made an analogy, fucking fascinating. Also, more people would turn out to vote if it was popular vote and their vote actually mattered. That’s never good for the right when more people vote and not less. I get that you want to keep this antiquated system in place so that the right has a chance in the presidential election. That’s all there is to it.

          • Bry says:

            I’m perfectly aware of how the electoral college works and the arguments for keeping it. I simply feel differently, as do many Americans on both sides of the political divide. If you can’t address my points then why even respond? Clearly, you have no critical thinking skills. If anyone wants to know your position then we can just read an alt right website or the the GOP platform.

          • J Lynn says:

            Hi Bry,
            I said this on another thread, but I want to say again here that you were right about the Electoral College. It seemed like a side issue to me when you first brought it up, as I naively assumed 2000 was a fluke and wouldn’t happen again so soon.

            Turned it, of course, it did! And in a much more extreme split than 2000. (Gore won pop vote by 500,000; HRC is projected to win by 2m, at the moment it’s 1.5m and counting.)

            It now appears this could be a trend (for reasons too lengthy to go into now), and that EC reform or abolition IS necessary. If not outright abolition, at least delegates could be awarded proportionally, rather than winner-take-all in each state. And — again if reformed and not abolished — the delegates-per-state need to be recalibrated so people in high-population states aren’t so disenfranchised in the presidential vote.

            What about the small states? Well, that’s what the Senate is for. In the 21stC, we can no longer afford an out-of-touch, bubble-ized rural-ocracy to pick the president. (And I am from a rural state myself, so I have the cred to say that.)

            And, yes, I would be saying the same if the roles were reversed. The Electoral system discourages anyone — on either side — who’s not in a swing state from voting.

          • Bry says:

            Thanks, J Lynn. I truly wish I had been wrong and it was a fringe issue. I know a republican circuit court judge in TN who agrees, a democrat da in Oregon who agrees, and many people in between. The notion that rural areas want to keep the EC is bullshit. People understand basic fairness. This republic of ours is headed for another civil war if we don’t fix the system so that the people pick their own president. This situation is untenable.

    • Hello says:

      I’m not entirely against violent protest, but damage to human life in any way should be avoided almost entirely.
      There is no right side to history unfortunately. There is only meticulous planning spanning years, decades and generations to attempt a successful human experiment.
      Get your shit together, organize with other people in associations and or political groups that you support, and try to have a multi-scale view of that collective influence on your country and the world.

  11. Bowman says:

    Senator Kristen Gillibrands office is taking a tally of concerned citizens to use on the floor against Bannon. This is an easy call. It does not matter what state you live in, so if you get a busy signal you can go straight down the line. Someone took my call in Long Island in under 5 minutes.

    Hudson: 845-875-4585
    Albany: 518-431-0120
    Buffalo: 716-854-9725
    Long Island: 631-249-2825
    NYC: 212-688-6262
    North County: 315-376-6118
    Rochester: 585-263-6250
    Syracuse: 315-448-0470
    DC: 202-224-4451

    • J Lynn says:

      Did it. Just got thru to the Buffalo office. Quite friendly. Said the above, “I understand you’re taking a tally about allowing Bannon a job in the White House,” they confirmed and I said I was indeed against it.

      I added, while we’re on the phone, let me also add that I’m:
      – against Medicare privatization
      – want investigation into Russian interference with the election
      – against a Muslim American registry and against mass deportations
      – against any law restricting protests
      – and in FAVOR of Sen. Barbara Boxer’s proposal to end or reform the Electoral College. (You can sign her petition here

    • VeryIrritable says:

      From personal experience, know what you are going to say. Don’t over rehearse it just in case you get a human.

      “I’m a registered voter and I insist that the oversight committee review president elect trumps taxes on the basis that he may have a conflict of interest with his international investments or may even be engaged in criminal activity.”

      “I’m a registered voter and it is clearly impossible for the alt-right platform creator would represent all of America in fair conscience. You must reject or resist this appointment.”

      If you guys have better scripts, please share.

  12. Alex says:

    I understand that Steve Bannon is a flaming piece of garbage. But… will he actually be able to accomplish any of his disgusting ideas with so much opposition (even on the right)?

    Should I/we be concerned with Myron Ebell? I’m terrified of what he could actually get done. My understanding is that he will be appointing people to the EPA. That’s fucking terrifying. Is there anything we can do about his appointments?

    • J Lynn says:

      Basically, Trump’s junta is weaponizing every cabinet office and appointment for maximum damage. Maximum norm-breaking.

      Bannon, yes, I think he’ll accomplish a lot if he has Trump’s ear in the White House. None of it good. I credit him more than any other individual for Trump’s Electoral College (though NOT popular) victory. Even more than the slimy Jared Kushner. Basically, Bannon played the whole country. Now Trumpers are working to rehabilitate his image as not a racist, not a white nationalist, etc — why they care to do so, I don’t know. On another web site, a guy was trying to split hairs with me that all the links I shared didn’t “prove” Bannon was a racist or anti-Semite. I had to walk away because people like that are deliberately trying to waste my time while Bannon/Trump takes over government.

      Ebell: Until regulation is actually changed or repealed (which could happen), Ebell would mainly prevent enforcement of environmental laws. That’s bad too.

      Actual cabinet officials require confirmation. “Advisors” like Bannon don’t.

      The main thing you can do to oppose is burn up the phone lines of Congress members, especially Republicans, get everyone you know to do the same, and push back on any whitewashing or normalizing. They need to know that they’re casting their lot w/ Trump, and that their constituency is deeply divided or even against it. They need to know there’s political risk to them in going along. Meanwhile, Democrats need to know that we want to fight, not to appease Neville Chamberlain-style.

    • Obviously says:

      What ideas are you talking about…? Improving the economy, divorcing his wife who tried to make him sound bad during a divorce trial, or……trying to update the two-party system like everyone has been yelling about doing during this whole election?
      Those are his only ideas……………………………oh you mean maybe combatting radical Islam in a country that has been attacked by radical Islamic terrorists in huge ways like three different times when they’re still stationed across an ocean from us? Yeah… let’s just keep hoping that problem solves itself while also taking in a bunch of people who are literally coming from the exact place where ISIS is right now. What a horrible racist agenda on Steve Bannon’s mind

    • VeryIrritable says:

      You’re where I am. All I think needs to happen to destroy the earth at this point is another four years of no progress. Right wing idiots seem to think the earth and sea are infinite in their capacity to absorb garbage. These hamsters aren’t going to understand their cage is fucked up until they’re up to their knees in shit and passing out from lack of oxygen.

      Watch FEMA get dismantled as we face the worst year of natural disasters in history. Maybe not this year, but maybe tornado season is gonna get interesting in places other than the Midwest.

      Flint Michigan still does not have clean water…still…let that sink in. Where’s the big plan for that?

    • Betsy says:

      For him to be unable to accomplish anything, you (general you) can’t just passively expect opposition. You need to BE the opposition. Those things don’t just happen spontaneously.

  13. J Lynn says:

    Just ran across the observation that internet trolls, especially Trumpers, bear a striking resemblance to the anti-Semites described by John Paul Sartre in The Anti-Semite and the Jew. Uncanny:

    “Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert.

    “If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past. It is not that they are afraid of being convinced. They fear only to appear ridiculous or to prejudice by their embarrassment their hope of winning over some third person to their side.”

    Longer excerpt:

    • Obviously says:

      Um…not really. Trumpers are all wondering what exactly everyone thinks Trump’s big evil grand scheme is. It’s like, no one wants to say what it is they literally think is going to happen.
      Trump voters are all saying some really different things than whatever you just posted. Things like “The media has been fighting since day 1 to paint Trump as a monster and you can watch hours and hours of his rallies and only see him talking about how he wants to improve our economy and wants to get the money and corruption out of Washington and secure our borders, meaning, follow the immigration laws that are already in place.”
      We have been deporting millions of people under Obama…is another thing they might point out.
      Also, “Please, please stop calling us racist when we are really, seriously not racist and it really hurts to be called racist and sexist and homophobic over and over and over again when nothing about Trump’s campaign has anything to do with identity politics. It REALLY doesn’t. Other than pointing out that we are in the USA, and so…he’s going to govern over Americans in general instead of governing over the different demographics in different ways like the left wants to. ”

      I’m not even a Trump supporter, I just really hate what all this panic-spreading and fearmongering and calls for like civil war basically are doing to the country.

      And please don’t just bog down the government with phone calls? Why? They’re in the middle of so much important work right now. You want to just stop them so you can tell them the same thing over and over that they can see is on the left’s mind by reading about 100 different articles in the NYT? They know…you don’t have to gridlock them the way the GOP tried to gridlock Congress all the time

      • J Lynn says:

        Let me repeat: The Sartre quote wasn’t about all Trump voters. It was about internet trolls, including those who troll for Trump. Reread first sentence.

        I’ll let others respond to the rest of your comment, too busy right now.

        • VeryIrritable says:

          I’ve seen that tactic in arguments sooo many times. That can be generalized to anyone who doesn’t want to think critically.

      • VeryIrritable says:

        Hours and hours of trump rallies? Ha.
        Painting him as a monster? By quoting him and listing all the facts about him. The media hasn’t painted anything, he’s the one who has done all the painting. He is a monster; just ask his contractors, the women he has molested, the students who paid for his theoretical university, or the people who got beat up at his rallies because he incited the crowd. Seriously fuck you.

        “Don’t bog down government with calls.” Extra double fuck you. This is how it works. They are there to represent us and phone calls are how they register our dissent. So fuckin sit on your ass and watch it happen.

      • VeryIrritable says:

        This person says they don’t support trump, but then later voice as a trump supporter. The contortions here feel like Reddit troll fell into this blog.

      • WhoAmI says:

        4chan humor formula :

        Here Is A Gross Thing (TM)* ! Gross Thing (TM) Is So Funny ! I Have A Whole Folder About Gross Thing (TM) On My Computer But I Don’t Personally Relate To Gross Thing (TM) Of Course. I Just Find Gross Thing (TM) Absolutely Hilarious I Swear. Please Reply To Let Me Know I’m Not The Only One Who Likes Gross Thing (TM). Please.

        *Gross Thing (TM) can be anything from some shitty indie band to a picture of a plane with boobs to hardcore nationalism to paedophilia.

          • VeryIrritable says:

            Look back to your Sartre. By taking up a cause that is righteous at its core and blowing out of proportion it becomes unassailable and it is already a mockery. If anyone were to try to call them out they would be immediately drowned in derision and accusations of inhumanity. That sense of ghoulishness is your recognition of their insincerity.

  14. Obviously says:

    Yeah…okay. Trolls are trolls and I don’t think you should need to evoke the wisdom of Sartre to understand the fringe weirdos on the internet who combine curse words with racial slurs to make people mad.
    And you should also be able to discern those kind of classical internet trolls from the people who are part of this anti-political-correctness trolling movement which has its merits even if it’s misguided, it’s just trying to remind people that words don’t physically hurt you, especially obviously stupid ones.
    And that this new leftist “movement” where they’re dangerously trying to reject the president-elect and keep telling people to go out on the streets and fight for something that they haven’t even lost, starting this dangerous shadowboxing with the federal government and against this invisible strain of racist irredeemable Trump supporters…once again the Left is trying to compound words and actions. If someone has a certain idea, you can physically go out and stop it!

    By the way, the whole point is that the trolls aren’t prejudiced. They’re sick of people exploiting minorities and marketing their victimhood because it’s gross. The left has been trying to leverage minority pain for votes without addressing things for a while now. That kind of political exploitation of demographics actually hurts people, physically. The left is crying about trolls online who hurt people’s feelings more than they talk about lead pipes, bad schools, harmful policies, criminal justice reform. Those issues can’t be solved with “Omgg hate speech is bad!!!” so the left and liberals don’t do shit about it.

    Meanwhile…the president-elect has actual plans to help communities that need help and to reform policies that harm people but…let’s start a bunch of civil unrest because we don’t like the words he says and because we’re duped into thinking that talking about immigration or foreign enemies is somehow racist

    • VeryIrritable says:

      There’s too much garbage in your overgeneralizations to unpack. You assign motivations to groups which only account for a small number, and then cherry pick some other behavior for some other group. And everything you say smacks of mansplaining. Why would you even try to question the relevancy of the Sartre quote if you weren’t making a feeble pass at intellectual dominance?

      “words don’t physically hurt you, especially obviously stupid ones.”
      No, the words don’t hurt, but they normalize the behaviors that do. And that’s why we instinctively react to them. Because one broken premise* and absurd threat today is a cruel reality tomorrow. Ignorance cannot be allowed to escape clarity, and threats cannot escape clarification. The reason the right wing doesn’t have any funny comedians is because scrutiny of their “jokes” always reveals a true victim.

      Anti political correctness doesn’t have any merits because there is no such thing as political correctness. It’s all an umbrella of distancing language so that people can pretend that they are actually good and right even though they are saying something wrong. The irony is that “anti political correctness” has become a blatant dog whistle for racism where “political correctness” violation used to only be as bad as “sexy Indian costume” at Halloween.

      But ugh, I feel so gross addressing you. The idea that trump has any plan to help anyone is preposterous. Oh wait, he does have a plan, “don’t worry about your taxes.”

      *yes I said premise, not promise

        • VeryIrritable says:

          I’m so glad I left myself the out of “smacks of.” But yes, being patronizing can be considered mansplaining. I would love to say “ya got balls kid!” But that has too much positive connotation where it shouldn’t.

      • Obviously says:

        There’s really not much there to unpack. I’m not speaking in code.
        I voted for Hillary, I’m a 24 year old girl who goes to a state school, I’m not trying to pretend about something or play a game. I’m not a phd student genius, sorry, I’m just a citizen and a fan of cq. There are a lot of easy ways to lie and distort information. I decided that instead of panicking when my candidate lost I’d learn about my new president, because I realized how much I had heard the same stories about him which usually included 1-3 recorded sentences from him over and over. If the media had treated Hillary the way they treated him, I would have resisted believing immediately, but Trump fits my previous bias against old rich guys so I was just like “yeah of course he’s evil.” So…when I started reading Breitbart and other things written by Trump supporters, and yeah watching a bunch of recordings of rallies, and old interviews with him recording his persona and his concern for the country during his whole public life, I thought I’d just be finding more reasons to hate him. But it really just ended up drawing me back to the center, and I’m so frustrated now that the cultural left is crying “Hitler.” It’s just inaccurate. And the media is largely owned by a big Hillary supporter so…weird? A little.

        I still have concerns about abortion rights, same sex marriage, and climate change. But when it comes to the first two, nothing has happened yet and anything that could will be totally within the bounds of normal government function. And as for the last, no ones stopping people from continuing to invest in innovation, spread awareness, and to innovate themselves. And we do have a voice in the government, and have some Democrat representation, and Trump has shown evidence over the years of being consistently willing to negotiate with people and meet with them. I’d bet that he would work with the people on their concern about climate change. But let’s not forget that scientists with just as much merit have expressed their own skepticism. All is not lost. But people need to stop freaking the fuck out.
        And I’m typing this on a cell phone so try and give me some leeway when I’m not providing peer reviewed thesis driven blocks of text here.

        • J Lynn says:

          OK! IF you are telling the truth about yourself, then we now know that you were naively ill-informed before the election. And after the election, based on what I just read from you, a tour through Breitbart doesn’t seem to have dramatically increased your understanding in these last 12 days.

          You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. All I ask is that you keep trying to learn.

          However, I will lean on my own much longer experience as an active participant in politics, as well as on the experiences of people even more experienced and knowledgeable than I, to support my conclusion that YES, Trump and his Cabinet of Dr. Caligari are indeed grave threats to U.S. institutions and to a great many U.S. citizens.

          • Obviously says:

            Reread my posts and you’ll notice that I’m actually like…just volleying. I’m not insulting and trying to shut people down…thanks for being so lively I guess. Sorry that not everyone on the internet has the correct version of an interpretation. Appreciate all the personal attacks. Really helped me understand where my argument faltered.

            But whatever. So I have this theory. He wants to start term limits and say like, stop people from being involved after they have high positions in government. Maybe his sketchy Cabinet is a scheme? Like…he’s giving them one last run and then they’ll have to go away forever ?
            It seems tactical. He maybe wants to convince these right wingers to move center when it comes to policy, or he is just exploiting their lust for power to get them in, pass his term and lobbying reforms,and then get them out for good.

            Also…I don’t have to remind you of this but you can just ignore me. I really do want to have discussions though. I live like in the middle of nowhere in Western NY so my outlet for election talk is scarce

          • Bry says:

            You do realize how lawmaking works? Do you expect either party to put up term limits on themselves for him to sign into law?! Jesus tittyfucking christ

          • Obviously says:

            So we can flood their phone lines and expect to make a difference now in telling him not to appoint someone specific, but you don’t think we can try and do the same thing to get policies enacted that would actually be helpful? It would, I’d think, look bad for every representative who voted against downsizing their own power so wouldn’t that be some kind of pressure?

            And the lobbying thing doesn’t have to go through congress. It’s a 5 year ban you have to agree to before you can be hired into his administration

            Also you guys all fucking suck I’m not gonna check this anymore because you’re all more interested in being argumentative than just talking in a forum. Leave the temper tantrums out of your arguments and maybe you won’t have to resort to coketalk comments sections to make yourself feel smart and try and belittle anyone who disagrees with you

          • Bry says:

            Oh no! You mean I don’t have to see any more of you typing other people’s opinions because you’re incapable of critical thought and forming your own view? What a tragic loss to the dialogue. Trump is just a politician. He is doing what the right always does except with the bigotry on the surface. That fact that you voted for Hilary and are this naive is baffling. You fucking cry and say your not coming here anymore and accuse others of a tantrum?! Switch schools. The one you’re at isn’t working.

        • Momo says:


          I understand your concerns. As a said in a previous thread, tumblr tendencies to jump on anything and call that activism was not productive. I also understand your frustration about not enough focus on “lead pipes, bad schools, harmful policies, criminal justice reform” but… there are people who do care about those things. It’s mostly black women and men who were fighting against these issues. And they’re fighting Trump now.

          But please don’t project your reasons for hating Trump onto other people. It’s true that “rich old white man” is not a great reason to hate some. But those aren’t why people hate Trump and the people around him. It’s because he has a clear history of taking advantage of vulnerable people who can’t fight back. Here are a few examples:
          – Trump University
          – Sexually assaulting at least 12 women
          – Lawsuits from contractors who said Trump did not pay them for their services
          But here’s the thing: He always knows how the spin a story in his favor, so you can always walk away thinking, “Huh, maybe he did have the right of it. Maybe he’s a reasonable guy after all.” He knows how to distract the media away from issues that could really hurt him, and onto issues that make liberals look like overreacting idiots. Case in point: Trump University being settled somehow lost in the frenzy over Mike Pence seeing Hamilton and getting booed. Another point: Getting caught for making it seem like he saved a factory from being moved to Mexico. Those kinds of lies are dangerous.

          Another reason we’re fighting him- he doesn’t care about the people around him. He just doesn’t. He’s on record saying that when you’re a celebrity like him, you can do whatever you want and people will let you get away with it. He’s hiring people to his cabinet based on their loyalty to him and not the country’s health as a whole. Washington Post had a lovely little line about how Trump’s pick for the director of national intelligence flew out to New York City to visit Trump without notifying his superiors. Donald Trump has shown evidence of negotiating and meeting with people…if they swear loyalty and apologize to him first. Steve Bannon may or may not be racist (though I’m pretty sure he is), but what are his motives for getting into the White House? Do you really think it is out of a genuine concern for the welfare of American people? Read this collection of quotes by an American VP and tell me that it doesn’t remind you at all of what Trump and Bannon are doing:

          This leads me to my final point: You think it is the job of the American people to accept what the government is doing. It is not. You do not understand what it means to be a citizen in this country. Read the Citizen’s Handbook to Influencing Elected Officials and you will understand that flooding government’s office with calls is exactly our job and taking calls is part of the government’s job description. Read this quote from Teddy Roosevelt and you will understand that fighting the President and protesting is exactly our job. ( Read Good Citizenship by Grover Cleveland and you will understand that our democracy is the worst kind of protection against people who will exploit it for personal gain and it is up to citizens to keep the government accountable. ( Read about the rise of Fascism and Authoritarianism and you will understand that people are not fear-mongering, they are trying to protect our democracy from narcissistic ACTUAL fear-mongerers who will betray everyone in this country first chance they get, including the people who voted for him.

          “If good men are to interfere to make political action where it should be, they must not suppose they will come upon a field unoccupied by an opposing force. On the ground they neglected they will find a host of those who engage in politics for personal ends and selfish purposes, and this ground cannot be taken without hand-to-hand conflict.”

          I understand your frustration with people’s anger and hatred. I was that way, and I needed to express it because of the kind of betrayal I felt. I’m sure other people felt the same. But now is literally not the time to be sitting back and giving Trump a chance to let him see how far we are willing to go to accommodate him. He needs to prove his loyalty to us, not the other way around.

          • Momo says:

            Anytime. I understand Obviously’s confusion. I spent a hot minute on The Federalist and walked away feeling like maybe I was wrong all this time. There was an article where a woman explains why she was a silent Trump voter and she blasts liberals for being fascist thought police. I waded through the comments along the lines of “…We voted for Trump because he will bring change by closing borders, bringing jobs back to middle class, appointing conservative judges who actually respect the constitution, and decrease government corruption”. When pressed by liberals who say that Trump is unlikely to actually do any of those things and that his hate speech is concerning, the answer is, “It’s too bad, but we had to overlook that. There’s no way we could have voted for Hillary, she’s much too corrupt.” They think the people talking about an increase in hate crimes towards minorities are making this up, as they can’t find any evidence, but liberals are prosecuting conservatives. Democrats are the ones ruining the pillars and stability of the constitution. Oh- and climate change doesn’t exist. How could there be two such different versions of reality? When facing someone who is just as convinced as you are about their version, what’s the appropriate way to react?

            It’s easy to fall into the idea of- well, one of the arguments presented are valid, so maybe all their arguments are valid. Obviously and I are around the same age, so I think the conservatives/republicans hit us close to home when they accused us of consuming liberal media uncritically. Funnily enough, the quotes I posted could just as easily be used by the “other” side to decry the tyranny and corruption of the “liberal government”. Both sides will present convincing arguments about their version of reality, so in the end, I decided to follow what my conscience is telling me.

          • Obviously says:

            Thanks for taking the time to put this together!!! Look forward to the reading. And thanks for responding to me like you would to someone without the anonymity of the internet…meaning, politely and like I’m a person and not a bot trying to ruin your day lol

          • Momo says:

            Yeah! I would check out Sarah Kendzior’s stuff as well, I think she’s very insightful. Thanks for listening.

        • VeryIrritable says:

          You really haven’t looked very closely at trump if you think Hitler is an inaccurate description. Populist rabble rousing xenophobe bent on ruling by scapegoating races? Seriously?

          You have listened to him at all if you don’t see him as a liar and fraud. During his campaign he reversed what he said, and openly lied so much that it caused a new form of live fact checking in news. Are you even awake?

          So if I take your earnestness at face value, I have to read you as being unable to process the cognitive dissonance and ending up at some weird status quo detente position.

          So please, just don’t tell people not to make their government work for them…it sounds like you support trump.

  15. J Lynn says:

    Resources for talking with racists and/or Trump supporters over T’giving:

    Showing Up For Racial Justice discussion guide and text hotline:

    On political persuasion:
    “Art of Political Persuasion”
    “Top 5 Rules of Political Persuasion”

  16. J Lynn says:

    Holy crap, guys, looks like Jill Stein (!) may be doing something good here. She just told reporter Greg Palast that the Green Party would be filing for a recount of WI, MI & PA.
    @greg_palast on twitter

    Only a candidate on the ballot has legal standing to file for state recount, and so far HRC’s crew hadn’t. With Wisconsin’s deadline being Friday Nov 23 (PA deadline is Mon., MI is Wed Nov 30), I guess the Greens decided to act.

    The GP & Stein are being represented by Atty John Bonifaz of Boston & Atty Robert Fitrakis of Colombus OH. Bonifaz worked with computer scientist J Alex Halderman who had been advocating privately for recounts of those states, as described in a NY Mag article Tuesday & Haderman’s own article on Medium today, “Want to Know if the Election Was Hacked?” (just google it as too many links will delay comment posting)

    This is breaking so just going on Palast’s report for now.

    Generally, the cost of a recount — $$millions — has to be borne by the candidate requesting it. Either Stein et al has the money, or they will need to fundraise, or they’re hoping the HRC crew chips in. (Or, in a dream world, Trump, bc he wants us to be sooo confident and he’s so rich, lol.)

    [ETA, this is still a long shot that either the votes were miscounted or that there was tampering-via-hacking, of course, but nevertheless seems in the public good to me. The more obvious “theft” of the election was via suppression, see Palast’s other work for more on that.]

    • Monochromicorn says:

      She did it, then she went on twitter and blasted HRC. I’m glad we’re doing the recount, but fuck jill stein into the ground.

      • VeryIrritable says:

        haha…ikr. It’s like having a knight in shining armor save you and when they arrive you’re like, “uh…weren’t there any other knights? Maybe some knights that don’t believe wifi is created by cancer demons?”

  17. Jessica Sen says:

    I need backup. I’ve been stuck in an insane asylum for a month and it looks to continue. The 0.001% have established their headquarters here. They have verbally surrendered but their actions suggest otherwise.

    I need help. I need all the backup I can.

    All my friends are getting hurt, badly, and that hurts me, badly.

    Let’s end this fucking war.

  18. J Lynn says:

    Good article here on Foster Campbell, the Democratic candidate from Louisiana for US Senate.
    One of his positions is better funding for mental health; one of his sons had bipolar disorder and died of suicide. (Can’t resist adding here that Hillary had an excellent mental health platform and has a strong record on the issue. Alas!) Other Foster Campbell positions are raising the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work and getting the oil and gas industries to repair environmental damage. He served for many years as a public utility regulator.

    He is not pro-choice, but I imagine an anti-abortion position is necessary to make a credible statewide run in Louisiana, so I can overlook that given the circumstances. I kicked his campaign what I could afford. My bf signed up to do remote phone banking but hasn’t heard anything back; I’m guessing they don’t have that system set up yet.

  19. FirstTimeCommenter says:

    Where are you, Coquette???
    Hope all is OK. I think your readers would appreciate your commentary these days. Please continue to write.

    • Doomsayer says:

      You know what, if this was just one battle in a long series of battles, that would be one thing. But this is the complete destruction of informed democracy by the very mechanisms that should have made it stronger. It signals the continued and perpetual theft of human rights and property. It heralds an era of such idiocracy that the earth will probably not survive in any recognizable form.

      This has reframed the battle in such a way that we lost when we won. You can’t win if your opponent isn’t playing the same game or even living on the same planet.

      The bully won.
      Sexism won.
      Racism won.
      Xenophobia won.
      Criminality won.
      Sedition and treason won.
      Corporations won.
      Russia won.
      Fascism won.

      You might think I’m being hyperbolic, and if so, fuck you in the antarctic.

      If trump takes office, absolutely every rational thought will be persecuted unless it’s paid for by narcissistic grandeur or flat out cash.

      Nobody, absolutely nobody, can withstand an assault on reality on a daily basis. The fact that you think it’s merely “hand wringing” pretty much proves my point. You’ve given up on the perception and think that there’s something you can do? Or maybe it’s “no bigs.”
      Welp, there isn’t anything you can do. You’re just one fucking cell in a malignant tumor claiming that it’s healthy, you had your “vote.” Resistance may slow our decay, but our cancer has metastasized and make no mistake, the prognosis is fatality.

      Facts mean nothing now. So you can pretend that you’re arguing with me, but the truth is, we’re fucked. So unless someone cracks open a big ol bottle of civil war…we’re taking the planet with us. I mean, we can wait until the electoral college votes…but the likelihood of a bunch of old white racists developing a conscience at this stage are astronomically low.

      “hand wringing” seriously fuck you. I’ve called representatives until my voice cracked…do you know how disempowered that is? Woohoo…i said words…I stood up and was counted or discounted. I’m trapped where I am in this machine, I can only do things within reach and I am not rich.

      And now I’m ready to hold a wake for Coquette and EZLusztig. Because they were the only ones making me feel like there were enough people awake enough to do something. Obama’s press conference proved to me there aren’t enough.

      Seriously, trumps cabinet picks are enough to send me to the hospital.

      • Chris says:

        Corporations might have tied with the exception to Trump’s entities. After all, who was buying TRUMP WATER before? That’s a PL that once drew thousands and will now bring millions.

        FEDERAL JOB SEEKERS WON: This week I applied, was interviewed, and hired for a position at a very high-level office that is notorious for dragging it’s feet. The interviewer even said, “we have to fill this position before the new administration comes in. Can you start in two weeks?”

        For anyone here who has ever used USAJobs, they know this is completely unreal.

        If you’re seeking federal employment, check the postings. They are hiring, and fast!

          • VeryDepressed says:

            I was thinking that if all the states that won Hillary had maximum faithless electors, it would mean trump didn’t achieve victory and Hillary would flat out win…but it doesn’t look like that’s possible at all now that I look at it…I’m dumb. We’re doomed.

          • VeryDepressed says:

            The electoral college is fucking us over completely. As of this writing trump is two votes from winning with many left to vote.

            We are seriously fucked forever.

  20. Jessica Sen says:

    Dear American friends,

    I just got out of hospital and caught up with all this. I’m still in shock, as I’m sure all of you are, that that grotesque joke of a man has won and is currently President of your country.

    How are y’all feeling?

    You do know that it will take some time, but the war will be won, right? Anti-intellectualism will never win except in primitive democracy – and this is America experiencing sharp growing pains.

    Also, your friends around the world has faith in you. Land of the brave, land of the free, you always will be.

    Much love from halfway round the world…

    • Nilles says:

      Hi. Thank you. You’re nice.

      I can’t speak for everyone, but… At the moment, I feel like our government has been hijacked by Cronenberg monsters. And some people are okay with it. And that has me confused.

      Your kind words mean a lot. Thank you for those. Seriously.

      • Jessica Sen says:

        Hang in there and continue to have faith in the constitution of true American people. Those who believe in freedom, equality and shooting for the stars. Those who dance under a night sky which is a blanket for all, not just the rich. Those who stand on grass which flowers of all colors, shapes, and sizes blossom, free from judgment. Those who will resist the Trump administration, armed not with guns but with knowledge, not with dollar bills but with principled conviction.

        You’ll come out of this knowing the shape and consistency of the American backbone.

    • VeryIrritable says:

      Completely pessimistic.
      Considering having a suicide plan if nuclear war breaks out.
      Waiting to find out what happened to the iceberg the size of Mexico.
      Worried CQ is gone for good, but hoping she’s well.
      Hating conversations with my Fox programmed parents.

      • VeryIrritable says:

        The cool thing is now that I’ve moved from California, all my earthquake supplies have been relabeled “trump fucked us” supplies.

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