On vulnerability

Long story short, my usual pattern of meet a guy, hook up once, part ways forever changed when I met a guy, hooked up once, and then kept hooking up, drunk and sober. We never had a “talk” about “where things were going” because initially, he was more into me than I was into him. But once I started liking him, I felt like he could almost smell it, and he became less interested. We went from seeing each other every other day to once or twice a week—is it ending and I’m too dumb to realize it, or is this just how things are? I’m afraid to be the vulnerable one in this situation—I wanna know if it’s over so I can move on before he does.

Oh, grow up.

God forbid you should have enough self respect not to play silly games, but since you insist on acting like a small woodland creature, you might as well scamper away now.

Then again, maybe you could stick around, accept the fact that you’re already vulnerable, and practice your relationship skills like a woman instead of a girl.

Quit treating him like an opponent and start treating him like a partner in crime. Celebrate the fact that you might like him, and don’t fear letting him know. If it doesn’t work out, it’ll hurt for a hot minute. So what.

Vulnerability is not the same thing as weakness.


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