On waffles.

A few days ago I got home drunk and a guy asked to have breakfast with me at 5am while I was still drunk. We went out and we really hit it off and ended up having sex later that morning. Problem is, my best friend said she wanted to bang him also. They had not seen one another for a couple years though and he doesn’t feel the same way about her. How do I tell her about what happened? Should I even tell her at all?

Did you have waffles? I’m totally craving waffles now. Fuck. I haven’t had lunch yet, and you just gave me a massive goddamn waffle craving. Ugh, you bitch.

Oh well, at least I didn’t answer a sunrise drunk dial from some douche that my ugly best friend tried calling dibs on.

Mmm. I think I’ll get some bacon, too.


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