On what you did to your hair.

My colorist is awesome, but I’m newly self employed, and I just can’t keep shelling out $250 every 3 months for blond highlights. What was once a vanity project has now become a more necessary youthening project: I’m finally going gray. Should I try The Coloring Project on my own?

Gonna cook it yourself, eh? This isn’t a spaghetti dinner, bitch. It’s your hair. Listen, I’m not gonna tell you how to spend your money, but some things in this world you just gotta leave to the professionals.

If you try this at home, you will fuck it up. Guaranteed. Maybe not a lot, but certainly enough to where you’d look in the mirror every damn morning and be willing to trade your cup of coffee to have that shit looking right.

That’s all we’re talking about, by the way. You can have your favorite colorist keep your gray away for $2.75 a day, and not for nothin’, but these days you could find a professional willing to get it done for half that.

Oh, and I suppose I’d be remiss if I didn’t call you out on your bullshit. What was once a vanity project is still very much a vanity project. None of this is necessary, not one bit. If you can’t afford the gold, own that silver, you fox.


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