On wood nymphs.

well ok get naked and humble before God and all becomes very clear. life is a flash in the pan and then u die. So eat, drink and be merry. But do it wisely! Is that an oxymoron? Well for my money, I spent it all on wine women and song and the rest I squandered. As for Coke. The obvious reality is busfare to central America or even Colombia where the good shit is almost free. You can really talk nonsense for days and days. I am in Nicaragua in the mountains with a view like you have never seen with beautiful wood nymphs jumping to my every sexual whim. Southern Cal… No thanks. The real party is doing what you want when you want to. No calenders, clocks… of course poker online and cable TV an Oxford collection of classics. I am not crazy…

Be careful. I hear that Nicaraguan Jumping Wood Nymphs may seem domesticated, but you should always treat them like wild animals. You gotta respect those feral bitches. See you on the flip side, professor!


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