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On your inner child

Sometimes, in the midst of a brand-new relationship, I’m plagued by the sound of my mother’s voice, coupled with my screaming ovaries and the emotional stability of a 13-year old inner child, I get confused. I forget what’s important. I forget myself. And what/who could be enchanting/enchanted for the next 5-10-50 years. So can you help me quiet the anxious voices? Just long enough to be enchanting?

First of all, your inner child is the most emotionally stable part about you. Your inner child is that little girl who can still find utter joy in the present moment. She’s the always smiling kid who isn’t worried about yesterday’s bullshit or what’s gonna happen tomorrow. The whole fucking world is her candy store.

Your inner child is not that confused, angst-ridden thirteen year old you have in your head. That version of yourself is just a projection of your anxiety. So is the voice of your mother. So are your screaming ovaries. None of them are real. They are just manifestations of negativity, complete figments of your imagination.

But your inner child is very real, and you can always count on that kooky little bitch to save the day. Find her. Listen to her. I promise, if it’s enchantment you seek, she will show it to you wherever you are. If you want to be enchanting, she’s the one that will make you glow from the inside out, and all will notice.

When you find yourself plagued by confusion and anxiety, take a step back in your mind and invite your inner child out to play instead.

Take a deep breath, and let her make fun of you for a quick second for being worried about something as ridiculous as the next fifty years or as useless as your mother’s nagging voice.

Shake it off, and then let her play or laugh or sing or dance. Hell, let her do whatever spontaneous happy thing she wants, because I guarantee, the kid knows how to have fun no matter where she is.


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