On a complicated dilemma.

I have a dilemma and i need your advice. my best friend’s roommate and i are totally into each other, and the best friend is pissed and is begging me not to hook up with her. In addition, the roommate is currently in a relationship with this really nice guy who’s pretty chill. I don’t want to be a relationship breaker, nor do I want to fuck up my friendship with my best friend. What would you do? Hook up with the roommate asap, wait for the roommates current relationship to end, or not hookup with the roommate at all?

You seem to have way more experience with complicated relationships than I, hence why I ask you.

Here’s what you should do. Go get a dictionary. Look up the words “dilemma” and “complicated.” Note that neither of them should be used to describe what’s going on with your pathetic excuse for a lack of self control.

You’re a piece of shit for even considering this. Seriously, dude. You’re willing to drop a live grenade of hot messy drama into the middle of your best friend’s home so your dick can get wet for ten, fifteen minutes tops? Fuck you.

This is only a dilemma if you’re an emotionally crippled tool.


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