Fun-Sized Advice

On more fun sized advice

What is love?
Baby, don’t hurt me — don’t hurt me — no more.

Truth or dare?
Do either one with style and you can’t tell the difference.

God, is that you?
You’re getting a little too old for this shit, Margaret.

Do you actually say shit like this in real life?
All up in yo’ face, mofo.

You’re starting to sound more and more frustrated at the blog. 🙁
What can I say? Some days my tampon string is a fuse.

How many hits does dearcoketalk get a day?
Huh. Never thought I’d get nostalgic for a simpler time when people would just ask what kind of car you drove.

Thoughts on the Duke student’s sexual encounters?
Karen Owen is the poster child for why I stay anonymous.

How do you differentiate being confident and just being plain vain?
Confidence isn’t spiteful when it’s hungry. Vanity is.

Did you advise to “stop using semicolons” because they were used incorrectly, or because you consider their use to be pretentious?
How about we just call it an hommage to Vonnegut?

is it wrong for women to masturbate? Men talk about it openly but what about us women?
Are you kidding me? I just peeled one off in honor of this question. Can we talk openly about getting caught having to answer our iPhones while masturbating? Now there’s a sticky situation. *rimshot*


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