On a cute little obsession.

have you ever had a girl crush? not necessarily in a sexual way; i don’t want to sleep with her (have explored my bi-sexual side and have decided the dick is the only thing for me), but she is GORGEOUS. i don’t want to fuck her, but i want to be around her all the time. and, i kind of want to be her. we are casual “girl friends,” meet for happy hour, do coke occasionally together wherein i run my mouth too much and try to mother her. ugh, what is that? help me.

Have I ever had a girl crush? Absolutely. Have I ever had a non-sexual obsession with another girl? That’d be a no. You’re a little bit crazy there, single white female.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t go saying any of this shit out loud, okay? That’s a one way ticket to awkward town. Just chill the fuck out and recognize that you’re tweaking. No big deal. You got a little whiff of her ass and it made your head spin a bit. You’re just dizzy. It’ll pass.


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