On a disturbingly particular fetish

I’m into some weird niche shit that’s kind of really embarrassing. It’s not particularly disgusting or harmful but a bit of an irreverent and disturbingly particular fetish. My boyfriend knows about it and has even participated in it with me (and enjoyed it) but I don’t push the envelope because I get the impression he’s just not that into it and is patiently waiting for me to stop wanting it or something. I enjoy all of the other things we do in the bedroom immensely so I can’t understand why this is bumming me out so much. Thoughts?

What’s your kink, you silly freak? This is all anonymous. The least you could have done is entertained us with your fetish.

I’m sure the reason you’re so bummed out is tied to the fact that you’re too embarrassed to even type it out.

Quit being ashamed. That’s a wasted emotion when it comes to sex, because I assure you, whatever dark and sticky shit you’re into, there are a bunch of bored Germans doing it somewhere on the internet at this very moment.


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