On a friend who needs to chill

My friend had been in internet-love with an internet famous guy for awhile. They texted all the time and talked on the phone but IMO it was more fangirl crush than true Catfish love, but she was really head over hills. Plot twist is, he passed away unexpectedly. Then about a year later she moved to his hometown in California, and is now in a serious relationship with his step-brother (whom is also Internet famous). She, again, is head over hills and now lives with him. On what reality show level of fucked up is this? And more importantly, how do I explain that I can’t support her super creepy relationship without ending our friendship?

What’s the super creepy part that you can’t support? People meet via the internet all the time. People also bond over tragedy. Is it the “internet famous” thing that bugs you? Don’t let it. That shit ain’t real. The step-brother is just a regular dude in a regular relationship with your regular friend.

Seriously, is there more to this story, or are you just being super-judgy about your friend’s life choices? If she’s happy, healthy, and safe, then maybe you should just fuck off a little bit and chill.


2 thoughts on “On a friend who needs to chill

  1. Brian says:

    Perfect response. OP, live and let live. It’s her life, as Coquette pointed out.. is she safe, happy, healthy? If those are yes, then your job is done. Be a friend or don’t be. But chill. Internet relationships are a thing of normalcy in 2015, and will in the foreseeable future.

  2. Joe says:

    Also, it’s killing me

    The phrase is “head over heels”

    and it should be ‘who’ not ‘whom’ in those parentheses

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