On a girl fling.

I am in a wonderful relationship with a guy who respects, loves, and treasures me. It’s been two years, and right now I see myself with him for a long time. If it doesn’t work out that way? So be it, but right now he makes me happy. So happy.

The only problem is, I met a girl. She’s… she’s beautiful. She adorable. She’s not someone I would want a relationship with, but goddamn, I wish I could hook up with her. I’ve only had sexual relations with females when drunk- and even then it’s only happened once. This girl is different, I am honestly, excruciatingly- and soberly- attracted to her.

My relationship is exclusive, and that’s never been a problem for either of us before. I don’t want to make it an open relationship, either. I feel like it wouldn’t work out that way.

Am I an immature whore? Is this just a passing phase that every girl goes through? I feel retarded. I am retarded. I need a slap or two, or some sort of guidance. I figured… a woman on the internet was my best bet.

No disrespect with that comment, I fucking love you.

My gut instinct is for you to respectfully ask your boyfriend for permission to have a quick fling with this girl. It’s not really fair for you to feel entitled to a lesbian love affair when you don’t want an open relationship, but he might be willing to give you a hall pass in her case.

You’d be taking advantage of the girl-on-girl bisexuality double standard, but it’s a smaller sin that cheating on your boyfriend with another woman. Still, if you’re boyfriend says no, then that’s the end of it. You’ve signed up for an exclusive relationship, and that’s how it goes.

Be careful with this. Your boyfriend could very easily get his hopes up for a threesome if you broach the subject the wrong way, and it doesn’t sound like his cock is a part of this fantasy.

Whatever you do, make sure you communicate your intentions clearly. Shit like this can get sticky if you’re not open and honest about your feelings for this girl. If you’re not prepared to make your boyfriend a part of the decision, you should just file this one away in the back of your mind under “to do when we break up.”


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