On toxic girls.

What’s the best way to deal with mixed signals? I’ve been getting jerked around by this girl. She’ll hook up with me, everything will be great, then we’ll go out again and she’ll shoot me down, then tell me a week later about the guy she fucked, then start the process again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, self-respect, etc, but she’s the type where she loves the idea that she’s getting to me. She’s one of those fucked up always feels like she has to win even when no one else is playing. I see this girl almost every day, too, for work/school purposes. I’m thinking the gradual fade out, but I really love the idea of telling her to stop with the bullshit and the games. The thing is, does anything good ever come of that? I feel like by showing that it’s getting to me and getting worked up about, I’m coming off like a pussy, and she won’t respect that.

Mixed signals? You mean mind games. There’s a big difference.

It sounds like your girl has something to prove. Not to you, by the way. You’re disposable. It’s nothing personal. I guarantee she thinks that about everyone but daddy.

She’s used to having boys wrapped around her finger. Fine. You seem to know that. Now the trick is not giving a shit. Get her out from under your skin. Girls like her are toxic. If you start trying to beat her at those mind games it will turn you into an asshole. She’s not worth it, I promise.

If it makes it any easier, just remember that it doesn’t matter what you do. She’s never going to respect you, so don’t bother trying to earn any.


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  1. Kay says:

    Years later and this is still solid. Thanks Coquette; I’ll raise one for you in the bar. Helped me see the light and the bullshit.

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