On a graceful exit.

Part two of On Your Boyfriend’s Crazy Ex:

So I’ve been dumped.

Didn’t have the time/balls to talk to him about it before his three-week long holiday departure, and within four days of his return he broke it off stating that it wasn’t fair for him to be with me when he maybe might still have an emotional connection with someone else (the psycho.) The thing is he consistently insists that he still does not want to get back together with her. A mutual friend of mine claims (though she hasn’t confirmed yet and i’m not sure if I want her to) that he still has feelings for me and is just going through a bad patch, figuring out his emotions and whatnot.

Is it worth my while waiting around a bit before moving on like a big girl should in case he does in fact have a change of heart? Should I even want to get back together with him?


Should you want to get back together? Nope. Hell, if you can even ask that question then you’re not that emotionally invested, so why bother?

He’s busy getting over a crazy ex. You’re not in love. Why wait around for damaged goods?

The timing is off. Shit happens. Remember him fondly and move on.


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