On fighting.

My boyfriend and I have been fighting entirely too much lately, and to put it bluntly, it fucking sucks. I rely on him for a place to live and for my er, needs. Breaking up is a non-option both because of what I just mentioned, and because I love the guy, I just don’t love the fights. For some reason we just can’t do anything without one of us over reacting about what the other said. What do you suggest we do?

Quit brawling and learn how to box.

You’re fighters. Fine. Embrace it and start a training regimen. Develop some conflict resolution skills so your fights are constructive instead of destructive. Take a class.

If it’s really bad, go to couples counseling. Consider it training camp. Consider it renting a referee. Hell, consider it Fight Club — whatever it takes to get you two communicating and resolving conflict in a healthy manner.


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